Laser scanning

Hexagon Metrology has announced a combination laser scanning metrology package, which combines a Brown & Sharpe Global Performance bridge coordinate measuring machine, a Romer Infinite 2.0 7-axis portable arm and a ScanShark V4ix laser scanner that is plug-and-play swappable between systems.

Companies can invest in a single scanner that can be adapted to the strengths of the different types of measuring platforms.

Shared systems can do double duty as inspection systems, as well as performing reverse engineering and 3D point-cloud gathering tasks.

The machines are also capable of performing point-to-point inspection without the scanner attached. This means they can be used simultaneously, regardless of which one uses the laser scanner.

Call: 920-906-7514; e-mail: william.fetter@hexagonmetrology.com.

Absolute encoder

Heidenhain has incorporated absolute technology to a multi-substrate scale tape linear encoder design with its LIC 4000 encoder. Absolute encoders, which provide the current position immediately upon switch-on, offer high reliability and safety because they perform without reference runs. Absolute encoders are well suited for use on direct drives. Together with the current position, the computation offset is known immediately upon switch-on, and the motor can be provided with power immediately and held in the control loop. Critical operating states, such as switching on a vertical axis with direct drive or retraction after an emergency stop, are safely controlled.

LIC 4000 encoders measure up to 27 m and are resistant to contamination. The dimensions of the LIC 4000 match those of Heidenhain’s LIDA 400 incremental linear encoder. This makes it possible to retrofit machine tools to absolute measurement technology by exchanging the encoders. Only the subsequent electronics must be adapted.

Call: 847-490-1191; visit: www.heidenhain.com.

Routing mileage software

ALK Technologies has released the PC Miller 23 routing and mileage software that includes carbon emissions and intermodal analysis functionality. Intermodal analysis calculates alternative rail intermodal routes for truck shipments and runs quick comparisons of truck and intermodal mileage, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Meanwhile, the points of interest database displays small, medium and large intermodal ramps in the United States and Canada.

This tool predicts and manages operating and transportation costs. It reduces out-of-route mileage, saving time, tolls and fuel. For example, PC Miller 23 offers capabilities in toll calculation to include tolls determined by weight and truck axles. It calculates weight-based tolls in specific categories and rates applied by each individual toll authority, with rates up to 136,000 pounds.

Users can enter a vehicle’s height, length, width and weight when generating routes. The application will generate mileage and directions, taking those factors into account.

Call: 609-252-8160; e-mail: kelly@alk.com.

Heated optical glass

Abrisa has introduced LuxVu heated optical windows for cameras and displays that operate in rugged, wet or cold outdoor environments. The LuxVu line is designed to keep optical glass free from moisture and fog. The heated windows also aid in deicing in extreme weather conditions.

The LuxVu heated front glass window provides a transparent, conductive coating that can be combined with custom display enhancements and coatings. Abrisa also offers additional glass fabrication and optical coating services, such as screen printing, busbar, epoxy, glass strengthening, etching and special masking.

Call: 877-622-7472; visit: www.abrisa.com.

Remote monitoring system

Onset Computer has announced that its web-based HOBO U30 remote monitoring systems are now compatible with NorthWrite’s Energy Expert software platform.

The Energy Expert software converts raw building energy and environmental data collected with HOBO U30 system’s graphical "smart models" to predict building energy consumption. The information, delivered online, provides building managers, energy service consultants and others with real-time feedback on building energy use.

The HOBO U30 remote monitoring systems measure and record up to 15 channels of high-accuracy energy and environmental data. The systems feature a NEMA 6-rated enclosure designed for harsh environments and can transmit data via GSM-cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet communications. Sensors are available for a wide range of measurements, including kilowatt hours, voltage, current, air temperature and relative humidity.

Call: 800-564-4377; visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

Corrosion monitoring

Corrosion and maintenance costs can be reduced with Cosasco’s Side-Stream Assembly for corrosion monitoring. This system ensures piping assets are properly monitored to prevent corrosion damage.

The Side-Stream Assembly installs quickly to provide information on metal loss, corrosion rate, erosion rate, pressure, temperature, flow and bacterial activity in pipelines. It is configured to meet specific commercial requirements. The assembly includes multiple, easily connected, 1-in. tees. Each tee is configured with a choice of corrosion management and process monitoring technologies.

Call: 562-949-0123; e-mail: sales@cosasco.com.

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