Radial air bearings

New Way Air Bearings has launched a line of radial air bearings for use in precision rotary motion applications. These modular components do not constrain rotary motion.

They are positioned in combinations of 3 to 4 segments to support a rotor from just a small percentage of its circumference. When the rotor is also constrained axially, it will float on a five-micron film of air, enabling frictionless rotary motion.

The resulting assembly is simple, has only one moving part and provides smoother, faster, more consistent and precise frictionless motion, without noise, vibration or need for lubrication.

New Way radial air bearings are available in basic configurations: Concave configurations are for use on the outside diameter of a rotating body, convex configurations may be used on the inside diameter, and the radius for either of these basic configurations may then be cut by the length of the bearing or by its width.

This line is available for shafts as small as 25mm and for rings as large as 3m. Larger diameters can be custom ordered.

Call: 610-364-3453; visit: www.newwayairbearings.com.

Generator compressor combination unit

Next Generation Power’s line of generator compressor combination units combine a commercial-grade, diesel-powered generator and an industrial-duty compressor into one.

Since both pieces of equipment run directly off the same engine, the packages are smaller and more efficient than two separate units, and the engine-driven compressors have no massive startup loads.

The unit is 70 in. L x 30 in. W x 48 in. H, and it weighs 1,850 lbs. The 4040 generator compressor produces 40 cfm of air with a low-speed, Schulz piston compressor or a rotary screw compressor.

Call: 888-463-9879; visit: www.nextgenerationpower.com.

Mobile software applications

ESS has introduced Essential Mobile, a set of wireless technology applications that make compliance data collection more efficient.

With Essential Mobile, environmental, health and safety professionals using a handheld mobile device can collect and process information from distributed facility locations and upload it directly via wireless connection or in a batch process into a centralized ESS Essential Suite platform for environmental compliance management.

This saves time and costs by enabling staff to perform data collection and download information without having to return to a stationary PC.

While in the field, the ESS mobile applications provide access to ESS Essential Suite data, making tasks more effective and efficient.

Call: 800-289-6116 x1731; e-mail: ess-media@ess-home.com.

Pneumatic vibration isolators

Newport’s S-2000 Stabilizer series of pneumatic vibration isolators incorporates a self-centering pendulum design, laminar-flow damping system and precision auto-leveling valves.

The S-2000 design features leveling indicators, recessed lifting channels and a lower magnetic permeability design. It is ideal for isolating optical tables, large inspection equipment, heavy machinery and large area sub-floors.

The S-2000 is available in six distinct heights ranging from 16 in. to 28 in., all equipped with precision releveling valves. The S-2000 Stabilizer performance delivers a 1Hz vertical resonant frequency and a vertical isolation efficiency of 98% at 10Hz. Horizontal isolation begins at 2.5Hz and reaches 95% efficiency at 10Hz.

Call: 949-863-3144; visit: www.newport.com.

Uniform light source

Integrating sphere, or uniform, light sources, provide a uniform and adjustable hemispherical light output.

They are useful as a calibration standard for luminance and radiance measurement instruments, for uniformity calibration of imaging systems and sensors, and target illumination.

Gigahertz-Optik’s new model ISS-8K-100-VAHP offers uniformity within the 19mm diameter light output port area when it’s equal to or better than 98% and within 90% of the port diameter.

The ISS-8K-100-VAHP is based around an 80mm diameter, which offers greater than 98% white-diffuse reflectance throughout the visible and near-infrared spectral range.

Optional accessory components, such as a Gigahertz-Optik LPS-series lamp power supply, optometer with an illuminance, luminance or illuminance and color reference detector, are available.

Call: 978-462-1818; visit: www.gigahertz-optik.com.

Videoscope system

ITI’s V5+ videoscope system produces a clear image with the push of a button. Images are viewed on the 6.5 in. LCD display or saved for later use on a compact flash. The interchangeable heads feature 4-way articulation for viewing flexibility.

For inspection or observation into hostile environments or inaccessible areas, the V5+ videoscope’s probe is easily manipulated while it zooms, flips or rotates images. The working length of the scope is available from 6-25 ft.

The case is designed to endure hostile environments, and an integrated light source and battery system make it portable.

Call: 800-561-3606; visit: www.scopes.com.

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