Flaw detector system

Olympus has introduced the iXU 2.1 software for the OmniScan iX industrial ultrasonic flaw detector system designed for high-speed nondestructive industrial component testing. The revised software includes shortcut keys and touch-screen features.

The time-corrected gain curve allows up to 32 points and negative values, and combines a linear material attenuation function. An added immersion ruler simultaneously monitors the water column and its position in relation to the material.

Additional features include a degree scale for scan axis, an external pace-trig mode, increased digitalization frequency and improved stability and performance.

Call: 781-419-3900; e-mail: meindert.anderson@olympusndt.com.

Structural stress method

Dassault Systèmes’ Verity structural stress method for Abaqus simulates realistic structural stress in welded joints and other connections. It enables engineers to predict a consistent stress characterization for welded joints in industrial applications, such as pressure vessels, piping, storage tanks, offshore platforms and construction equipment.

In addition to welded joints, the Verity structural stress method can also be applied to structures with geometric notches, such as adhesive joints, mechanically fastened joints, electronic packages and manufacturing notches that exhibit stress concentrations due to loading.

The method has been adopted in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Division 2 Code and API 579/ASME FFS-1 Codes for Fitness-for-Service assessments based on allowable stress methods and plastic collapse loads.

In the nuclear power industry, Verity helps engineers evaluate weld performance of mission-critical components and systems, such as pressure vessels to reduce maintenance and physical inspection. In the oil and gas industry, benefits include improved operational availability of physical systems including pipelines and offshore structures.

Call: 401-272-1510; visit: www.simulia.com.

Energy saving switch

D-Link has released a “green” managed switch—the D-Link green 16-port managed gigabit switch DGS-3200-16.

D-Link’s green technology automatically detects a device link status and reduces the power usage of ports that are not linked. When detecting if a link is down, the DGS-3200-16 can save up to 14.28% in power usage without sacrificing network performance.

The DGS-3200-16 switch includes a fan with heat sensors that maintain the device’s temperature for optimum performance. The fan turns off automatically and turns on when the system’s operation temperature reaches or surpasses 95°F to reduce noise pollution and energy consumption.

Call: 714-885-6000; visit: www.dlink.com.

Data loggers

Dickson’s stainless steel case data loggers are ideal for monitoring temperatures in the hot and wet conditions of many industrial processing operations and inventory storage areas.

The Takes-the-Heat Watertight Temperature Data Loggers (HT 200) and Piercing Probe Models (HT 220/HT 225) feature watertight, food grade, HACCP and FDA-compliant stainless steel cases.

They are also temperature resistant up to 257°F, have reinforced probes in HT 220 and HT 225 models, contain user replaceable 1-year batteries and are USB-enabled for high-speed data downloading.

Call: 630-543-3747; visit: www.dicksondata.com.

Trending digital multimeter

The Fluke 289 industrial trending digital multimeter (DMM) has multiple features specifically designed for industrial technicians.

The Fluke 289 DMM provides the usual measurement functions, such as V A/C, V D/C, ohms, capacitance, A A/C and A D/C. For all of these, the user can have the meter monitor a circuit while the technician is busy elsewhere.

For example, a technician can set up the meter to record A/C voltage on a circuit of concern and then exercise loads at a remote location on that circuit. Returning to the meter, the user can then view a TrendCapture display of the circuit’s performance during the exercise. Other features include a low pass filter and an info button.

Call: 800-443-5853; visit: www.fluke.com.

Camera system

Toshiba Teli America’s camera model CS8581QF is a remote-head FireWire camera system designed for high-speed industrial imaging from a camera able to fit in small mounting spaces.

The CS8581QF offers 133 frames per second (FPS) at full 640 x 480 resolution, as well as partial scan modes that top 430 FPS.

The CS8581QF is comprised of a remote head camera and a central control unit that can be mounted up to 2 meters apart from each other and connected by a cable.

This makes it ideal for movement applications in which the remote head is mounted on the end of a robot arm or a positioning stage.

Call: 949-770-8354; visit: www.toshiba-teli.com.

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