Riding the Storm Out

Abstract:Quality Progress readers offer their suggestion on how to survive during the current recession. Many of these quality professionals are optimistic and offer ideas they hope will help others. Others see the recession as an opportunity for quality professionals to improve their organizations and advance their positions within their …

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I have gone through the whole lot of ideas given, though few can be read with negative notes in them.

I also belong to a company that is severely effected by the economy's slowdown. To be on the positive side, the quality department has to show ways and means to the top management how to survive and convince management that improving quality pays in the long run, supporting it with financial figures if possible.

In fact, it is high time that companies look toward quality tools like Six Sigma, lean and kaizen to improve bottom lines. And the quality manager needs to play an important and positive role in all this. The company may have to hire champions, while developing their own work force in these fields to assist the champions.

Laying off quality department personnel is the easiest way out to obtain short-term gains and is a result of a myopic view on the part of management. However, in some cases, the layover may not be avoidable. In that case, I suggest that personnel diversify their skill sets, both hard and soft. For example, have you ever been a good orator or a good instructor? I have been, so I am trying to get into the business of visiting faculty at Universities/Corporations on the topics I love, like quality.

Remember: Innovate to survive.
--sushil bhatia, 06-17-2009

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