A Lean Six Sigma Breakthrough

Abstract:The relationship between lean and Six Sigma may appear to be simple, but it can be challenging because there are so many ways to blend the two. The resulting models work, but each has its own deficiencies. A comprehensive comparison of the two programs will allow potential users to build a customized perspective that avoids the pitfalls of running two independent …

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Good effort. Timely compilation. More of this is required to clear the confusion around Six Sigma and Lean. I agree with Kevin Boyd above that the author has limited himself to a few methods in Lean when comparing. I would still recommend this as a good read.
--Anshuman, 05-21-2009

Segue artigo interessante
--Ricardo Carrijo, 05-17-2009

Excellent article with explanations.
My observation on the topic:
Six Sigma is for individual process improvement to reduce the variation, thereby controlling quality and saving cost.
Lean is global, looking into process and links, and saving, by elimination of wastes, reduction of time and, if needed, elimination of certain processes.
An integration of these two will give valuable results.

--Dr.P.L.Narasimhan,PhD, 05-17-2009

The author seems to have only a basic, very superficial understanding of Lean. He presents Lean as only Kaizen events. Kaizen events are only one Lean tool, used after almost all its other tools. Lean, applied properly, is a management philosophy, not a short-term, one-time event. I have been impressed by other articles written by this author on Six Sigma concepts, but this one was very disappointing.
--Kevin Boyd, 05-13-2009

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