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Abstract:Safety concerns about imported foods have increased because there is less evaluation in the processing activity, meaning regulators must rely more heavily on end-product inspection. Auditors working in countries other than their own have to deal with language and cultural barriers, as well as differences in the interpretation of regulations and standards. A strong audit plan allows the auditor to be flexible when encountering the unexpected. Because of an overabundance of available data, focusing on gathering only necessary information on HACCP and quality system plans can help an auditor differentiate between minor and significant …

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Concerns of embracing another countries food exports plus the method of exportation to the USA is always an issue.
Pretty simple really - follow the import laws of that particular country. Too restrictive or not sensible? Take steps to modify them. But don't change them because it fits the way to do business.
More dialogue with the exporting countries and the importing countries is reasonable and can produce more trade.
--David E. Salter, 05-11-2009

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