Relative humidity sensor

The KFS Series from Servoflo is a relative- humidity sensor that uses a capacitive polymer to measure humidity. It is also stable against chemical effects. The KFS-MSMD is a surface mount version with a better signal-to-noise ratio than monolithic integrated sensors.

Typical applications include white goods, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and automotive in which long-term stability is crucial. 

The KFS-140D is another model in a two-pin package. This sensor is suitable for climate monitoring, HVAC, and other environmental monitoring systems. With its robust design, performance is achieved over a wide temperature range from -30°C to 150°C. 

Call: 781-862-9572; visit: www.servoflo.com

CAD software

R&R Modular Fixturing has introduced FixtureBuilder 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software for documenting fixture setups and offline parts programming. Users can build a fixture setup from its catalogs of repeatability and reproducibility components and base plates by dragging and snapping into position.

The software automatically builds a list of components and their placement for future reference. Users can also import their part’s CAD file into the setup to show the part and the fixture. For those with offline programming capabilities, the whole fixture and part can be exported to create a parts program.

Call: 616-847-6045; visit: www.cmmfixture.com.

Food safety tool

Qualtrax has released Mobiltrax, a tool designed to improve safety and productivity in the food industry. The electronic data-capture software provides a drill-down scorecard for management by exception, deviation routing, paperless audits and the ability to enforce behavior on the plant floor.

Mobiltrax reduces risk and waste while simplifying compliance with USDA, HACCP, FDA, ISO 22000, and Global Food Safety Initiative standards.

Mobiltrax allows management to set specific data collection schedules for key food-safety attributes, such as temperature. Monitors receive tasks in their inboxes when critical control points need to be checked.

Data is captured by using a handheld device that automatically syncs information to the network. Mobiltrax stores information in an electronic scorecard, allowing management to identify deviations from allowable limits quickly and take corrective action immediately.

Call: 540-382-4234 x179; visit: www.qualtrax.com/mobiltrax.

Measurement and control device

Stotz’s MSK multifunctional measurement and control device combines pneumatic and tactile touching for in-process and post-process component inspection. The MSK is adaptable to statistical process control software and has the ability to network Stotz MSL or MSG columns, with output channeled to a single location. This means multiple measuring stations in a plant can be monitored on a single data line. 

The standard MSK features a full color 320 x 320 pixel programmable graphic display with a graphics editor, 18 measuring program capability, four LED indicators for rework, connection for external operator box and keyboard, RS232 and USB interface ports, air pressure input with sliding valve and full Ethernet connection. 

The optional operating box includes a mode switch for measuring program selection, manual calibration selection and a program start/stop. 

Call: 815-297-1805; visit: www.stotz-usa.com.

Combo package

R&M Materials Handling and Drivecon have combined two of their products into a single package. The combination package incorporates the LoadMate Electric Chain Hoist from R&M with the ergonomic PWRMicro Series radio remote controls from Drivecon.

LoadMate’s hoist body is constructed of pressure-cast aluminum, epoxy-painted for corrosion resistance and ribbed for better heat dissipation. The completely enclosed motor includes IP55 protection, minimum class F insulation and a Klixon-type bimetal switch for thermal protection. All models are equipped with a torque-limiting device for hoist overload protection, upper and lower-limit switches, low-voltage controls, a slip clutch and a steel alloy load hook for safe operation.

The ergonomic controls by Drivecon offer better operator control. The PWRMicro Series offers single or dual speed, up to five motions and a control range up to 500 feet. The controls feature an emergency-stop button, removable start key, programmable auto shutdown and an optional antenna extension for a control range up to 1,500 feet.

Call: 513-421-1169; e-mail: skirschner@stimulusworldwide.com.

Sound meter

Casella’s CEL-620B wide-range integrating sound meter features real-time octave band frequency analysis from 16 Hz to 16 kHz, along with a full-color LCD that presents overall noise levels in numerical and graphical formats.

The CEL-620B is designed for safety compliance and exposure monitoring. It digitally measures the sound level in factories, refineries, construction sites or other industrial workplaces where noise is a concern.

In addition to assuring compliance to government regulations, it also helps occupational hygienists in identifying and eliminating noise factors. By displaying the previous trends of occurrences, the meter makes it easy to pinpoint significant events in which levels change from a lower background value. A thermometer-style bar graph assists in reading noise parameters during a run.

Call: 603-672-0031; e-mail: bobselwyn@casellausa.com.

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