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Abstract:Despite their good intentions, efforts to make institutional foundations more environmentally sustainable often fail because their values and consumption practices assume that resources are cheap and inexhaustible. Sustainability is awareness that these premises are false. For many institutions, however, the challenge of advancing sustainability is to overcome an entrenched system without bringing the entire organization to a halt. The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, was founded on the principles of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, but institutional practices were out of step with the values expressed in the classroom. A sustainability task force was formed to bring together all stakeholders in an effort to create a vision in line with Evergreen’s curriculum. Evergreen’s experience is unique, but may provide lessons to help shape approaches to sustainability at other …

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Walking your talk is important if you want your students to learn effectively and seriously.
--BUDS M. FERNANDO, 01-15-2013

An excellent tool in crisis prevention efforts.
--Eliseo Pabon, 03-10-2009

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