Noncontact blade measurement system

NVision’s Maxos XR expands the measurement capabilities for multiple vane applications in the aerospace and industrial power generation industries. Nozzle or vane segments of a turbine stator are difficult to inspect using optical measurement and time-consuming to inspect using conventional coordinate measuring machine technology.

The problem is the limited space between individual blades and the resulting angles of approach. 

The Maxos XR addresses these problems. The sensor’s concentrated light spot can measure at a standoff of 8 in. with an angle of incidence to the surface of as little as 15 degrees. The Maxos XR can scan between individual vanes and measure complete cross-sections of each blade segment at all required section heights.

Another feature for the measurement of nozzle segments is the ability of the Maxos XR to measure the position and depth of slot seals.

Call: 248-468-2525; visit: www.nvision3d.com.

Gage thread inspection system

Johnson Gage has developed a thread inspection system for the verification and

in-process control of reverse-angle buttress threads commonly used in anti-splaying medical devices such as orthopedic implants.

It’s available for external or internal thread forms. The system, which is based on advances in grinding and manufacturing technologies, can be used for medical applications such as bone screws and dental implants. The system is suitable for inspection and manufacturing environments.

Common applications include design validation, dimensional inspection and conformance, initial manufacturing and tool verification, and in-process determination of capability degradation.

Call: 800-245-4243; visit: www.johnsongage.com.

Information lifecycle management software

ReportLine 3.0 information lifecycle management software from The Network can help organizations better manage their ethics and compliance programs with technology-assisted intake and dissemination, on-demand reporting analytics tools and secure case management.

ReportLine 3.0 features dynamic graphics for viewing program information, additional standard reports, and Report Wizard, which allows users with no report writing experience to create, save and publish reports. ReportLine 3.0 also offers integrity checks, access to a library of benchmarking and case management data, and the ability to identify trends. Automatic date and time stamp of any change to a case results in a comprehensive audit trail, and a centralized database provides access to all issues and complaints.

Call: 404-929-0091 x209; e-mail: afilliat@arketi.com.

Optical encoder

The Tonic from Renishaw provides a solution to problems found in a range of motion-control applications, such as manufacturing systems for the semiconductor, lab and medical fields. The optical encoder is available in linear and rotary versions, which support standard motion control to ultra high-precision stages.

The Tonic features Renishaw’s auto-phase In-Trac optical reference mark. In-Trac provides a bi-directionally repeatable index and temperature range without increasing overall system width. Integral dual limits are also available for users to select end-of-travel position.

Call: 847-286-9953; visit: www.renishaw.com.

Defect and rework tracking software

ASI DataMyte’s Inspect 5.0 defect and rework tracking software offers visual inspection and dynamic data collection, event service and real-time reporting capabilities. The software features defect isolation, root cause tracking, custom defect lists for each inspector, checklist pop-up mode and direct entry, and warnings for duplicate defects.

Inspect 5.0 also includes additional filtering, searching and charting functions. The software is for aerospace, automobile, medical device, electronics and food industries.

Call: 763-746-4172; visit: www.asidatamyte.com.

High-strength epoxy resin

Impco’s high-strength epoxy resin Imseal-800 makes permanent repairs in industrial maintenance, repair, production and tooling applications. It cures at room temperature or can be accelerated by heat. It provides resistance to pressure, impact and a range of chemicals and temperatures.

Imseal-800 goes deep inside cavities, inclusions and porosity in metal. It hardens to a permanent seal that can be drilled, tapped or machined. It’s resistant to most fuels, oils, alcohols, glycols, solvents, salts, mild acids and Freon. Imseal-800 is packaged in a premeasured system that is activated by mixing the two parts inside the sealed packet.

Call: 401-521-2490; e-mail: mail@impco-inc.com.

Large ring gear measuring system

Wenzel GmbH has designed a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for inspecting large ring gears and bearings used by manufacturers of large construction cranes. The inspection machine is capable of inspecting bearings and ring gears up to 6,000 mm in diameter. Each CMM measuring arm is mounted to a table that is, in turn mounted to a large granite base.

Both arms measure the large rings concurrently, and the metrology of each measuring arm is coordinated through the use of a specially designed calibration tool. The ring gears and bearings are located and clamped on a 2,200 mm diameter hydrostatic rotary table that can handle loads up to 100,000 lbs.

Wenzel expects this machine will have additional applications in the aircraft engine, wind energy and construction equipment markets.

Call: 248-705-8272; e-mail: kmills@xspectsolutions.com.

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