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Abstract:Lean is the most recent quality movement to be used by organizations to become more competitive in the global economy. As the applications of lean become more comprehensive, it is being used to solve environmental problems and to become more socially responsible. A history of lean and its evolution is given to show how lean can compliment social responsibility (SR). By embracing the lean enterprise philosophy, companies free up resources that not only produce better business results, but provide an opportunity to use the additional capacity to give back to society. Sidebar articles explain the relationship between the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria and SR and list the 14 principles of the Toyota …

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Good article. This is the way all companies should work in the 21st century. Being socially responsible is key to improve not only the profits of an organization, but also the community we live in.
It is also very positive to change the view of a leader as the only creator or owner of an idea without taking into account others'effort to make those ideas happen or even contributing with new ones. This article supported my view that it is not bad to share what I know or what I consider the best value to others. If someone else is doing what I do, I should feel happy because it means that my ideas are good and therefore I am contributing to make this world a better place to live in.
I work in the public sector in Ecuador and because of the budget cut, I think this quality movement will work well.

--Maria Asuncion , 01-15-2016

This was a well-written, informative and thought-provoking article.
Placing social responsibility at the heart of every organization's reason for being is something we (U.S. companies) should have learned many years ago.
Of course the Japanese came back to whip our butts; they had the larger view of the world and the necessity to make limited resources work.

--Paul Zakrzewski, 03-20-2009

Great article. I have taught lean for many years. You are right on. I think lean has always had a focus on sustainability. People are just now getting the idea.
--Bill Kime, 03-05-2009

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