Perspectives: Adapting to Troubled Times

Abstract:The difficult economic climate in early 2009 put many companies under a great strain. In this Perspectives column, the authors explain how versatile quality departments can prove their worth during these troubled …

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good article. the impact of quality practitioners cannot be underestimated. this article has been beneficial to me and its similar to the situation in Ghana as we also go through challenging economic times. I have shared this article with all my senior staffs and managers to read.
--emmanuel assare-mokwah, 02-07-2017

great thought
--PRASAD, 03-30-2016

It is ironic that the prescription for immediate actions highlighted focus on the numbers, the same focus that got us into these troubled times in the first place. There is just some sense of incongruity in the immediate actions, but I could still pick up some positive points.
--Lucita Faddis, 05-28-2009

It's very refreshing. The authors have clearly affirmed the fact that quality is the only way to survive in difficult market scenarios like this.
--Rishikesh Nirala, 01-20-2009

In the crises times, what's important is to serve the product to the customer at the highest quality. Because then the customer would be able to sell its own product to the final customer at the competitor features and prices. Final customers will tend to buy the products with the highest quality features at the cheapest price. So, the companies that struggle with economic crises should give greatest importance to manufacturing the highest qualifed products at the low cost. But these things will require qualifed staff. If you don't have qualifed staff (from workers to managers), you will not succeed. Companies should take this into consideration.
Best Regards

--CETIN USTAOGLU, 01-12-2009

Although this article states facts that should be obvious to any Quality professional, it is refreshing to see it in print. I plan to pass this on to our immediate management in an effort to drive home the points that are made in the article, in particular that Quality needs to remain an integral part of the organization.
Quality can and should drive customer satisfaction initiatives that include improvements to product and processes.
--Mark Silvertooth, 01-12-2009

The authors drove home the point that quality can never be relegated to the background. However, it is disheartening to note that at this time of economic hardships, a lot of senior executives, sad to say, backslide into the old habit of thinking production alone can save the day. And to rub it in, people in production as well as other departments echo the same sentiment that skimping on quality is the messianic panacea that every company can hold on to to hang on for dear life!
--Prospero Valbuena, 01-08-2009

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