Thickness measuring system

The Thick-800 XRF Analyzer from Skyray XRF features a top-down measurement system. This style allows for a sample stage with 3-D movement. This system also allows Skyray XRF to offer a three-sided chamber door so users can measure smaller samples with the door closed or open the door to create a slotted chamber and fit larger samples or printed circuit boards.

The Thick-800 was developed with a color camera sample viewing system and double laser position technology. It can provide measurements of single layer, multiple layers, thin film coatings and solders with composition.

Call: 716-204-2388; visit: www.skyrayxrf.com.

In-line palletizer

FKI Logistex’s PL-950 Series hybrid in-line palletizer uses one or more robotic arms for pattern forming, making it suitable for handling small finished case sizes, multiple product formats and complex patterns. New patterns can be programmed from the Human Machine Interface, and it also gently handles products with minimal secondary packaging.

The PL-950 Series is available in two models, the PL-951 and the PL-952, each with the option of one or two robotic arms. The PL-951 features a single-layer accumulation zone for high-speed applications, while the PL-952 includes two layer accumulation zones.

Call: 919-945-0552; visit: www.fkilogistex.com.

Engineering software

LMI Technologies’ maestro allows engineers to design, install and start any machine vision solution, while reducing time, materials and costs by using two modules for all installations. 

The P800 is the master controller that interfaces with the encoders and the input/output. It also delivers microsecond synchronization, power and safety. All timing, triggering, synchronization, sorting and reject activations are completed by this module.

The connecting piece to the maestro P800 is the C12 module. The C12 module powers and triggers any camera while providing synchronized, configurable, high- current pulses for light-emitting diodes or lasers.

Call: 604-636-1019; visit: www.lmitechnologies.com.

Microbial screening instrument

Celsis International has released RapiScreen, a rapid microbial screening instrument for dairy products. The screening test kit extends the Celsis Innovate platform to screen Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) beverage products for microbial contamination.

RapiScreen is ideal for companies that produce beverage and dairy products. The kit works on everything from clear to pulpy juices and from broths to soups, with no filtering necessary.

Adenosine triphosphate bioluminescence is the industry standard for the rapid microbial screening of UHT and ESL beverage products.

Call: 312-636-5355; e-mail: jshields@outlookmarketinsrv.com.

Linear gauge sensor

Ono Sokki Technology has introduced the BS-112 miniature linear gauge sensor. The BS-112 can measure various dimensions, thickness, curvature, eccentricity, inner and outer diameter, displacement, height, depth, flatness, variation, run-out, roundness, distortion, deflection and position.

The sensor uses the precision glass scale. The main advantage of this principle is that you can maintain high, consistent accuracy throughout its entire range. The BS-112 was custom built to fit extremely tight quarters.

Call: 630-627-9700; visit: www.onosokki.net.

Contact data verification

Melissa Data’s Name Object 2.0 is an addition to the Data Quality Suite. Name Object 2.0 is a customizable application program interface that improves the quality and integrity of names that companies capture through their websites, e-commerce applications and call centers.

Name Object 2.0 comes with 140,000 names in its name table, and users can add names, prefixes and suffixes. They can also add ethnic names or names with which they have a particular domain expertise. The software parses multiple names and identifies the gender of each recipient.

Call: 800-635-4772; visit: www.melissadata.com.

Laser system

Trumpf has released the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 for processing 2-D and 3-D material. It allows users to adapt the processing program to reduce the positioning times of new parts. A smaller die diameter reduces the flow rate and process gas consumption. Compressed air can be used when quality is secondary to the cost per part.

The TruLaser Cell Series 7000 offers two axis modules for small and medium-sized rotation of symmetrical components that process a range of parts. A partition divides the work area for loading and unloading large parts simultaneously. 

Call: 860-255-6424; e-mail: melanie.mcmillan@us.trumpf.com.

Electrostatic voltage sensor

Trek has introduced Model 875, an electrostatic voltage sensor designed for in-line monitoring of electrostatic charge buildup.

The Model 875 allows manufacturers to monitor production lines and other processes in real-time, enabling process adjustments.

Applications for the Model 875 include use in semiconductor manufacturing environments and the manufacture of electronic and other devices.

Call: 585-798-3140; visit: www.trekinc.com.

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