Salary Survey 2008: Seeing Green


Keywords: statistical analysis,data mining,cluster analysis

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Have you ever considered creating a version of the annual salary survey in a database format where an individual could quickly filter down to the details of his or her position? At just under 200 pages on the full online version, there is a lot of data I am not interested in. As a full time Black Belt, my time would be better used being able to tailor the report to just U.S. black belts.....thanks for the excellent work you do.
--Scott Force, 12-31-2008

I was very disappointed that you chose to piggy-back onto the environmental interest by titling your salary survey article "Seeing Green." I opened the e-article, anxious to see what ASQ had to say about the green movement and how to measure or improve progress. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the article was about salaries. I care about the future of our planet much more than I care about my colleagues' salaries.
--Linda Freund, 12-18-2008

I also agree w/ Percy, and agree w/ M. Kashif. Technical & scientific personnel w/ 20+ yrs experience are asking 44-52k, but I find it extremely difficult to get my company to pay even the low end. For lab personnel, I'm successful in getting 35k to start, but can't find well-qualified personnel to accept less than 38k and usually ask 40k or better. While I'm successful in finding personnel who will work for the typical pay ranges, I can almost never keep them because pay raises are 3% per annum at best, and mgmt thinks this is a merit increase! I would find the study far more useful if it was a little more job-specific and concentrated on the ranges of hands on personnel.
--C. Nelson, 12-18-2008

I strongly agree with Percy. Looks nice but reality is quite different. Companies are looking every possible mean to cut their expenses. The median salary range for technical & scientific person ranges from 40-50K, It goes max 70K but how many years and what %age.Last 2 year the start for technical/scietific/skilled Lab person ranges from 32-38K. Right now no industry is willing to give more than 35K in a start.
As a whole situation is not healthy.
--M.Kashif, 12-11-2008

I doubt that the salaries reported between $500,000 and $900,000 are from respondents whose function are primarily quality control / assurance. My guess is that they are very top level executives in oprations or marketing that have quality report to them. It is great that you discarded those extreme outliers.
--Percy Johnson, 12-04-2008

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