Salary Survey 2008: Looking at the Numbers


Keywords: frequently asked questions,methodology

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Excellent article. While the charts relating ASQ Certification to salary are interesting, be careful not to read more into them than is warranted, remembering that a correlation does not necessarily imply cause and effect. For instance, of the dozens of members I know who have obtained ASQ Certifications, all are go-getters who would have higher salaries than their non-certified peers regardless of Certification. I do not know any who received higher pay as a result of Certification. I believe the correlation indicates a common cause (aggressive personalities are paid more AND are more likely to pursue Certifications) rather than a cause-effect (Certifications result in higher paychecks.) It would be interesting in future surveys to ask Certified responders what came first: higher pay potential or Certification?
--Doug Kanning, 12-05-2008

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