Stainless steel gears

A series of modules and spur gears from Quality Transmission Components feature the Fairloc integral hub fastening system. This system is ideal where phase adjustment, timing, position adjustment and frequent removal of the component are factors in the specific application.

The Fairloc system consists of two slots that are machined into the hub, one orientated radially and the other angularly. This creates a transverse wedge which remains attached to the solid portion of the hub on one side.

Call: 248-666-4177; e-mail: stephen_glad@strucinfo.com.

Noncontact measurement

The Maxos noncontact measuring system from Steintek GmbH uses five axes to reach every point on the blades and generates measurements of critical areas. The measurements are reported instantly, eliminating the need for additional manual inspection.

The Maxos uses a proprietary noncontact probe consisting of concentrated light that collects individual points at a rate of 100 per second. The Maxos can inspect turbine blades without having to apply a matte coating that introduces dimensional inaccuracy. The inspection software is configured to give results and evaluations on midspan, fillets, gaps and airfoils.

Call: 817-749-0050; e-mail: sales@nvision3d.com.

Billing management system

Ameresco has introduced Axis, a billing management system to streamline the utility payment and energy analysis processed for large companies. Axis allows customers to track utility, capture data, conduct analysis, generate reports and reduce human error.

Axis offers Energy Star benchmarking capability. This allows energy managers to assess how efficiently their facilities use energy relative to similar buildings nationwide and helps indentify areas for improvement.

Ameresco has developed a carbon management pro-gram to help customers meet Kyoto Protocol requirements.

Call: 508-661-2230; visit: www.ameresco.com.

Data archiving system

Eurotherm’s Store and Forward data archiving system includes fault tolerant features such as time-based redundant logging to continuously track process parameters. The system stores data captured during lapses in communication and forwards a complete record to the configured server once communication is restored.

The Store and Forward system is designed for manufacturers who must address rising quality control standards in the face of technical glitches that are often avoidable, such as power outages and network server complications.

Call: 703-669-1324; e-mail: mmontique.watkins@eurotherm.com.

Wireless sensor kit

Perpetuum’s wireless sensor node assessment kit, the wSNAK, is an evaluation system for original equipment managers. The kit consists of four energy harvester-powered wireless sensor nodes that send vibration and temperature data to a laptop- based receiver. 

Each sensor node runs an accelerometer with integrated temperature sensor on a flying lead. Data is transmitted from each node through a transmitter to a receiver placed up to 100 m away. Vibration spectra and temperature trends can be displayed on a laptop, and basic level alarms can be set.

Call: 44-23-8076-5888; e-mail: ioanna.marinaki@perpetuum.com.

OTR analyzer

Mocon’s oxygen transmission rate analyzer (OTR), the Ox-Tran Model 1/50, features a coulometic method for absolute readings, built-in software to minimize user error and automatic relative humidity controls for use in all environments.

The instrument uses minimum bench space and offers screen prompts in five languages. Fault tolerant safety systems prevent sensor damage and protect against over or under pressure or thermo runaway. The horizontal test cell offers film mount through a pneumatic clamp. Test results are displayed in real-time.

Call: 763-493-6358; visit: www.mocon.com.

Touch sensitive keypads

ActiveTouch’s ActiveMetal keypads are available in both 12-key and 16-key configurations. The keypads are ideal for security and alarm systems, keyless entry points, gasoline pumps, medical and clean rooms, prisons and secured facilities, as well as other industrial, commercial and retail applications.

ActiveMetal keypads feature diagnostic and real-time feedback, washable and submersible performance, the choice of three outputs, auxiliary output control for camera or lighting activation and two customer controlled LEDs.

Call: 847-876-9400; visit: www.itwactivetouch.com.

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