No Longer Waiting for Answers

Abstract:The emergency department at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina was frequently overcrowded. Patients who became tired of waiting often left the hospital without being seen and misdirected their anger towards doctors and nurses. The ED was in need of a culture change to improve the quality of patient care and the morale of the staff. Baseline data and value stream maps pinpointed areas on which to focus efforts to improve patient flow and waiting times. Ten major improvement projects were undertaken, in addition to other small improvement efforts. Changes in the ED began to shape the culture of the entire hospital because the results were so dramatic. Over the past year, the leadership team has become more flexible, patient-oriented, and accountable. In addition, a continued focus on efficiencies and an emphasis on education also have improved employee morale. Sidebar articles describe Presbyterian Hospital and present its new vision …

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"Data Helps Decide" section states Figure 1 is a Pareto Chart when in fact it is a Mind Map. Otherwise, very encouraging. Great to see they did not give up. I have also seen how one breakthrough can begin to change the culture. Sobering that some personnel changes had to happen to allow change.
--Dan Langlois, 02-24-2009

Online Figures 1 and 3 are illegible.
--Wayne Fischer, 01-12-2009

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