The Quality Professional as Organizational Gardener

Abstract:Many quality professionals envision their organizations as living entities requiring them to function as organizational gardeners. Like a garden, an organization is established by people and must be maintained and cultivated by people. Effective gardening is a balance between order and change. Four basic gardening principles help organizational gardeners nurture and grow quality in their …

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Great article John. Nice analogy with entropy. Also liked your comment on how we, as quality professionals, should be coaching and facilitating change.
--Vivek Dhoot, 09-09-2009

A fresh, healthy perspective about organizations as systems operating within society as a whole.
--Ralph E. Weldy, 11-12-2008

Thank you John, I liked the analogy with the garden and the entropy. I enjoyed reading your article, and I plan to use your suggestions in my day-to-day.
--Luca Ballini, 11-12-2008

An outstanding article and very timely one. With President-elect Obama's goal of cultivating change in our Government to rectify the Financial Crisis that we are currently experiencing. It would be unfair and unrealistic on our part to leave the burden on him and expect change and progress. Each one of us has to commit to bringing this positive change by assuming a responsible quality practitioner's role. This is the only way we can establish order and create the anticipated change that could result in real progress and sustained financial stability in our country and across the world.
--Balaram Muddapu, 11-08-2008

The analogy puts in perspective the importance of the quality practitioner and the basic fundamentals needed to groom an organization towards profitability.
This is a good read. I have enjoyed reading the article presented.

--Glenn Waddell, 11-07-2008

This is an excellent article - comparing the quality practitioner to an "Organizational Gardner" is a great analogy. I really enjoyed this article. Thanks
--Wallace Dunn, 11-06-2008

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