Rotary position sensors

A manufacturer of linear and rotary sensors has introduced a new series of contactless, fractional-turn rotary position sensors.

The RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors, made by Macro Sensors, measure the angular displacement of rotating elements, such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves, air flow dampers, mail sorters and diverter gates used in packaging and postal sorting machinery.

The sensors use a 24-volt DC power supply and can measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of 120°. They exhibit linearity error of less than 0.10% while operating at temperatures between 0° to 185° F.

Call: 856-662-8000; visit: www.astsensors.com.

Tunable laser systems

A new series of tunable laser systems has been released by Opotek. The Opolette HR series features highly stable, integrated tunable laser systems that use a diode-pumped, true solid state laser as the pump source.

The systems operate at high repetition pulse rates of up to 100 Hz. Components are mounted on a hermetically sealed optical bench. System functions, including laser operation, wavelength tuning, and scanning, are controlled by computer through a USB connection.

System uses include medical diagnostics, chemical imaging, environmental monitoring, photobiology, photochemistry, photoacoustic imaging and proteomics.

Call: 760-929-0770; visit: www.opotek.com.

Instrument maintenance and calibration software

ChemSW, a provider of chemistry laboratory software and services, has introduced a new instrument maintenance and calibration software application.

IMCS Live, a web-delivered, pay-as-you-go solution, tracks and manages lab equipment maintenance and calibration and allows labs to automatically schedule periodic maintenance and inspection events. A wide range of customizable reports allows users to monitor those events.

The application also provides a central repository for maintenance and calibration records, making an instrument's history easily accessible to all users.

Call: 707-864-0845; visit: www.chemsw.com.

Microwave moisture sensor

Strandberg Engineering Laboratories has introduced a non-contact moisture sensor that provides moisture measurement from absolute zero to full saturation. The Microwave Moisture Sensor Type 9900 can be used to measure moisture in a variety of substances, including textiles, wood, foods, soil, sand, lubricants, fuels and chemical solutions.

The sensor emits a linear output signal that can be connected to the Moisture Monitor Model 770 Indicating Controller, which shows the moisture level on an LED display. The monitor also has an LCD display with keyboard for entering process parameters, such as moisture set point and alarm, and control limits.

Call: 336-274-3775; visit: www.strandberg.com.

Risk lifecycle management software platform

Dyadem, a provider of risk lifecycle management and quality lifecycle management solutions, has released a new risk lifecycle management software platform.

Stature RLM helps process manufacturers unify risk management on a single enterprisewide platform. The software helps mitigate risks, document processes and improve the safety and efficiency of process manufacturing for industries such as oil and gas, wastewater treatment and chemical manufacturing.

Stature RLM unifies the four main components of risk management—risk assessment, process management, visibility and knowledge management—into a single platform. Modules such as incident management, management of change and process hazard analysis allow organizations to gradually build up to the full enterprisewide platform, choosing the greatest areas of concern first.

Call: 905-882-5055; visit: www.dyadem.com.

Modular crane package

R&M Materials Handling has unveiled a new modular crane package for industrial crane applications. The QX Modular Crane Package features the Spacemaster SX Electric Wire Rope Hoist, with lifting capacities from ½ to 80 tons and lifting speeds from 10/1.5 to 62/10 feet per minute.

Plug-in electrical cabling allows simple, fast installation, and movements are controlled from a push-button station. The sealed, dust-proof brakes on the trolley and hoist motors require little maintenance, reducing downtime.

The package has standard safety features, including a weight overload limit switch to prevent lifting loads in excess of 110% of the rated capacity.

Call: 800-955-9967; visit: www.rmhoist.com.

Crash dummy model

There is a new dummy model available for use by the automotive industry during the design phase of seats and head restraints. Dassault Systémes has introduced the Abaqus BioRID II (Biofidelic Rear Impact Dummy II) to assess and reduce the risk of neck injuries resulting from rear-end vehicle collisions.

The Abaqus BioRID II is used in combination with the physical BioRID II crash test dummy to evaluate the performance of seats, including head restraint systems designed to minimize whiplash injuries. This provides accurate simulation of the accelerations and loads occurring in the spine, neck and head during a rear-end collision.

Call: 818-673-2243; visit: www.3ds.com.

PET intrinsic viscosity test instrument

A manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices has unveiled a new instrument for determining the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of moisture-sensitive PET polymers.

The Davenport PETPlus Intrinsic Viscosity Measurement Instrument, manufactured by Lloyd Instruments, tests polymers such as resin, powder,

dry granules, molten polymer, pre-forms, bottles and films at almost all stages of the production process. Tests can be completed in as few as 20 minutes.

The instrument requires only power and a supply of pressurized nitrogen for operation. It can be used alone or in conjunction with NEXYGENPlus PET, a dedicated data analysis software package for IV measurement of PET polymers.

Call: 518-689-0222; visit: www.lloyd-instruments.com.

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