Guest Editorial: To the New U.S. President

Description: In an age where, it would seem, every other person is a blogger and one can barely manage to read the hometown newspaper on the fly, addressing a future U.S. president on matters of national import seems, well, solipsistic…

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North Americans need to urgently accept and acknowledge that the current system of managing man, machine, material and money solely for immediate gain, without investing in efficiency improvement, does not work in today's highly competitive dynamic global economy. Very low priority has being given to training and motivation of personnel, and to machines/infrastructure that do not contribute to the bottom line within the current year. As a result of the above, large sections of the private and public sector in North America are operating today at efficiency levels lower than Europe and Asia. To add to this, the untrained decision makers at different levels of management are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation and therefore do not see the need to seek/take corrective action. In many cases, the root causes have been identified, and possible corrective actions have been formulated by ASQ professionals. Your example of the complacent frog in a rapidly heating caldron is apt.
--Brian Nigli, 10-30-2008

Mr. Saco's article is right on the money. For many years our business and political leaders have let greed overcome the need to sustain and perpetuate everything that makes our country great. Even as the markets melt down around us there are those that still do not see how to put things right and insist that everything will work out. What we need is a strong president who will keep us pointed in the right direction. Forget about bridges to nowhere and studies of some silly insect. Let's put our money back in education and infrastructure, let's focus on exploiting our great engineering talents to further develop technology for efficient energy and better and affordable healthcare. Let's use the quality tools that we have shown the world how to use so well to fix the problems we have let nearly overcome us. At 90,000 strong, this group of quality professionals should be leading the charge to change.
--Robert Napoletano, 10-10-2008

I think you could have added that the incoming Presdident also needs God's Blessings and our prayers to face his monumental task ahead.
--louis gillezeau, 10-10-2008

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