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Abstract:´╗┐Organizations concerned that the ISO 9000:2008 amendment will present the difficulties encountered in transitioning to ISO 9000:2000 can rest easy. First of all, it is an amendment rather than a revision, and it offers an opportunity to improve the quality management system through better understanding. There will be no major text changes as with previous revisions, and because it is important for users to identify changes quickly, the standard offers Annex B, which outlines the text changes that have been made to specific clauses. The International Accreditation Forum has published a transition plan for ISO 9000:2008 to prevent registrars from issuing certificates without an audit to confirm that requirements have been met. A sidebar article explains the basic steps of making the …

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would it be a good idea (should it be an explicit requirement) to measure the procedures (relevant prcesses) of the ISO 9000 series on a measurable scale in order to be "able" to "measure" the process efficiency and predictability or not ?

Aylin N. Sener


(P.S. could you please forward that comment to the related TC'S)
--Aylin N. Sener, 12-28-2012

In a class for internal auditors, the teacher said the finance department should be audited according to ISO9001: 2008. Is that true or false?
--Alex, 12-18-2011

Good article intended for people with experience in ISO 9001:2000 who do not see clearly the new changes in the present revision compared with the previous one.
--Nestor Benites, 05-11-2011

Good read. I am a quality student, so this article gave me a clear understanding of ISO 9001:2008 since I was doing research on ISO 9001:2000.
--nompumelelo, 07-14-2010

Recommended for those that think QMS should be driven by ISO. However, there is MUCH more to a valuable QMS than ISO alignment. I hope someone writes a white paper on that much broader topic and includes newer product lifecycle management systems and new web-enabled QMS systems requirements.
--Mike Clayton, 06-10-2010

Quite valuable information in this article. The standards are made to help guide companies in implementation of the processes.
--Nadia , 03-16-2010

Nice article.
--KR Singhal, 09-04-2009

This is a very concise communication on the ISO9001:2008 adaptability for organizations and individuals, as well as understand the crux of Continual Improvement approach adopted by TC176.
--Abhijit Kulkarni, 12-17-2008

The standard I.S.O.9001:2008 must have more and clear details and explanations for the reader for necessary changes not unclear ideas.
--Abdul Rehman Khan, 12-10-2008

This is my first visit to the QP site to comment. This article by Lorri Hunt is outstanding. Years ago, I had come to a conclusion that ASQ HQ was behind the times. I am very impressed with the very professional site that actually provides support to the membership. Please keep up the good work.
--Brendan McCabe, 11-16-2008

very clear and helpful. that makes it easy to update my ISO knowledge
--Asep, 11-13-2008

Very helpful!! That's why I go to ASQ webpage when I need ISO related up to date knowledge. Thank you
--Supakorn Dantavornjaroen, 10-26-2008

Thanks for the updates and explanations about the new standard, however it would be better to read it again once the standard released
--Khalfan, 10-24-2008

Very clear and concise. I am working with an organization that is currently going through the registration process and this is an excellent article to help calm the worries.
--Erika Morgan, 10-23-2008

This article has answered all the questions that I would have asked at an upgrade forum for 9001:2008. Thanks you very much.
--Brian Nigli, 10-20-2008

My organisation is planning for ISO 9001:2000 IN FEB 2009, shall we have to go for implementation as per ISO 9001:2008? please advise.
--bapuraj, 10-18-2008

Clear and concise. A good read. When is the standard going to be released?
--Mike Korkowski, 10-16-2008

Good article for the short space provided. Still looking for a release date for this standard.
--Ronald Anderson, 10-15-2008

A common-sense, well written and clear article. I've worked in the quality fields for over 30 years, and in the ISO fields for over 15. Every time the Standard goes through a change (amendment or revision), clients are always nervous. It's nice to see that members of TC176 reflect the practical side of continuously improving quality management systems.
--Mark Revett, 10-14-2008

I rate this article a 4
--Julie Rosen, 10-13-2008

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