Driven by Metrics

Abstract:Performance metrics can have both good and bad impacts on an organization. In order to maximize the good while minimizing potential damage, the organization must make sure they have the right metrics, use them appropriately, and revise them occasionally to account for changes that affect their usefulness. Selecting and using metrics is a fundamental aspect of managing organizational performance. The right metrics will be useful only if the resulting information is made available to people who can act on it. Another consideration is that metrics should be biased toward business drivers instead of …

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Excellent article.
--Gaurav, 02-09-2018

This is great article. We are facing lot of challenges to get right metrics especially in corporate section.
But there are quite increase frequency of manipulating metrics also been observed. If we can put certain checks and balances to remove those hurdles we can get this in right direction.
--Prem Chand Pandey, 07-18-2017

Enjoyed this article. Food for much thought around defect monitoring.
--Heather, 11-28-2012

Thanks for this article. Will share this with my colleagues as we are in the midst of metric and performance assessment and design for 2009. I agree that several factors need to be taken into consideration to be effective.
--MBB, 10-31-2008

Generally a good readable article, but I have two comments. A. Figure 1 illustrates how scale affects perception, not perspective - hence a smaller scale makes perceived variation look greater. B. Table 2 gives a good way to assoicate metrics but for me the question is then how to trim the branches so a reasonable number of metrics are used?
--Han van Loon, 10-03-2008

Very timely for our organization - now's the time to start reviewing things for the next year and metrics should be one of the first things along with your strategic plan and budget items. One thing the author could have emphasized more is the idea that metrics should focus on performance drivers rather than performance results. It's easy to measure field failures or customer returns but what are the drivers for these kind of measures. Getting to this level is where the payback is really at.
--Robert Napoletano, 09-09-2008

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