A Dose of DMAIC

Abstract:Drug sales at Ruby Hospital in Calcutta, India were lower than industry benchmarks despite increases in the number of patients at its ambulatory care clinics. Six Sigma had been successfully deployed elsewhere in the organization, so management decided to address the pharmacy problem in a Six Sigma define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) project that would improve both the bottom line and patient satisfaction. A team began the project with a quick, observation-based collection of patient data, followed by a voice-of-the-customer feedback survey. Using DMAIC and lean tools, the team created a solution package that improved cycle time efficiency and capability level, despite a 61 percent increase in patient flow. This case study shows how a problem that was identified at the business level was actually solved at the customer level, benefiting both patients and …

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great article! very inspiring to improve the process. Just wondering was there any room to add more hands on peak hours, train some people as technician for front end and back end to reduce the buying time and increase the takt time. Add additional pharmacist for part time to increase to handle the customers and also could substitute paper priscriptions to electronic would avoid the confusion for the pharmacist and also standing order for the generic v/s branded meds.
--shahsishekar krishnarajanagar, 12-02-2014

Very useful Artiical.Thanks
--poshan, 07-12-2014

Very well written article clearly specifying actions in each phase..Thanks!!!
--Sunir Mahajan, 07-10-2014

Really, it is one of the fine case studies on HC. I had been revising the DMAIC process practically through this article
--saeed aboulenein, 02-07-2010

Outstanding article, most useful application, specially in healthcare service sector.
--J.N.DUTTA, 02-12-2009

A very encouraging article! All the single steps, tools, thinking way and success are well illustrated.
Just one question for the PCE calculaton. PCEs for original current state and new current-state are same as 10.2%. Should it be improved for new state?
--Lorraine, 10-14-2008

Outstanding piece. I enjoyed reading it and having seen similar experiences in big hospitals, this has great reuse potential.
--Venky, 09-25-2008

Outstanding article, one of my favorite??s case studies I??ve read so far. Well written but, more importantly, it shows every single step you should take to successfully apply the DMAIC methodology based on lean and six sigma principles.
--Jose, 08-11-2008

--Gregory Saldanha, 08-11-2008

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