Lower noise photodiode-preamplifier combo

A manufacturer of infrared LEDs has introduced a lower noise component photodiode-preamplifier for low-light tasks, such as fluorescence.

The NIR/Red Enhanced 6mm2 ODA-6W-100M Photodetector-Preamplifier, made by Opto Diode Corp., features shielded amplifier electronics and is more compact than discrete solutions.

The high-sensitivity combo device is ideal for assembly in tight or limited spaces.

The combo is housed in a hermetically sealed TO-39 can for easy integration.

Call: 805-499-0335; visit www.optodiode.com.

SPC software

Zontec, a software company, has introduced a data interface program that integrates statistical process control (SPC) software with a variety of hardware platforms and manufacturing systems.

The Synergy 3000 Multi-function Toolbox is designed for real-time data collection from capability maturity models, product life cycles and other process control devices.

It is able to migrate legacy data from other SPC programs, business applications and databases.

The toolbox does not require additional programming or software customization within the toolbox code.

Call: 513-648-9695; visit www.zontec-spc.com.

Line, wire guides

Beckson Manufacturing has released a new set of line and wire guides to help builders and contractors pull wires or cable smoothly through walls. The guides limit chafe and wear.

The thin ring models are made from durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic and come in different shapes and sizes, such as 1½ in., 1¾ in. and 2 in. They can be installed by friction fit or silicone sealant.

Call: 203-3660-3644; visit www.becksonmfg.com.

Remote center of compliance device

There’s a new remote center of compliance tool that can be used to correct alignment errors for peg-in-hole automated assembly applications.

ATI Industrial Automation has released its Compensator device that automatically makes corrections for lateral and rotational misalignment. The device can reduce contact force and eliminate virtually any galling and jamming of assembly machines.

The device provides rapid insertion correction, which allows high-speed automated machines to be productive by minimizing scrap, downtime and machine damage.

Call: 919-772-0115; visit www.ati-ia.com.

Film optical coating

A new line of transparent conductive coatings has been unveiled by Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI).

The new family of coatings is meant for use in visible and near-infrared spectral ranges. The coatings are ideal for anything from anti-static applications with sheet resistances of megaohms per square to electromagnetic interference shielding with sheet resistances as low as a few ohms per square.

Call: 707-573-6785; visit: www.depsci.com.

LED measurement device

A new portable, compact and lightweight LED measurement system device has been released.

The S-471 LED Optometer, manufactured by UTD Instruments, has been designed for all LED measurement requirements. It features microprocessor control and three measurement data-presentation options.

The highly sensitive unit is suitable for luminous and radiant intensity measurements, tunnel brightness, total luminous or radiant flux measurements, device brightness, and equipment and device illumination measurements.

Call: 858-576-9286; visit www.gamma-sci.com.

Electric actuator

Tolomatic, a manufacturer of linear motion products, has released a new electric actuator.

The MXE electric actuator offers two bearing options in a family of modular actuator bodies for lean manufacturing efficiencies. The actuators feature durable bearings to reduce friction and extend its life in high-load applications.

They also include nonwear stainless steel bands that are magnetically retained, which protect internal components from contamination, increase uptime and reduce maintenance.

Call: 800-328-2174; visit www.tolomatic.com.

Laser wire marking machine

A new UV laser wire and cable marking machine with a wider marking zone and higher frequency of shots has been released.

The ULYS 990 Modena features four printing fonts—two horizontal and two vertical orientations—and 90 characters per font.

The newly designed, compact machine allows up to 128 characters per identification mark, with specific information printed at cable ends.

The UV laser wire marking machine is manufactured by Laselec Inc.

Call: 817-460-7830; visit www.laselec.com.

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