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Abstract:´╗┐Organizations are turning to outsourcing as a means of maintaining competitiveness in a global economy, but without appropriate controls, outsourcing can become costly. Quality professionals, therefore, must consider building a body of knowledge (BOK) devoted to quality in outsourcing. A quality in outsourcing BOK should avoid a compartmentalized approach and keep stakeholders focused on the entire outsourcing process. Six knowledge areas that must be addressed are supply chain management, communications, team management, knowledge management, project management, and quality engineering. By developing an outsourcing BOK and enforcing it as a business practice, a repeatable, scalable, and sustainable outsourcing process based on solid quality fundamentals can be …

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Govind - You could also check
--Anshuman, 12-18-2008

Much-needed work.
--Anshuman, 12-18-2008

A good guideline.
--Lorraine Zhang, 10-22-2008

--Tanja Beshear, 08-11-2008

--Leopoldo Rodriguez, 08-10-2008

Govind has hit on the nail. BoK is a definite need.
I found this book - Business Process Outsourcing: Oh! BPO.Structure and Chaos, Fun and Agony, particularly interesting and gives you insiders view on the goings on in a BPO/Contact center
--Yatin, 08-04-2008

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