Food grade lubricant

Dow Corning has unveiled a lubricant for use in food and beverage processing plants.

The Molykote P-1900 Food Grade Paste can be used to lubricate sliding surfaces and friction contacts exposed to heavy loads, especially at low and medium speeds. The lubricant has a low coefficient of friction, good water resistance and high load-carrying capacity, and it can be used in temperatures ranging from -30° to 300° C.

The paste meets FDA regulations and is safe in food and beverage processing plants where incidental food contact might occur.

E-mail: industrial@dowcorning.com; visit www.molykote.com.

High frequency recorder line

Astro-Med, a recording systems manufacturer, has released a high-frequency data recorder called the Dash 20HF.

The portable unit was designed for the long-term capture of high-frequency data and transient signals. It supports recording up to 20 analog channels to an internal hard drive at sample rates of up to 500 kHz and a bandwidth of 100 kHz per channel.

The Dash 20HF recorder can provide real-time display and analysis of data. High frequency data can be saved directly to a hard drive for review and analysis later.

The recorder is for use in aerospace, automotive, electric utility, pulp and paper, metal manufacturing and medical settings.

Call: 877-867-9783; visit www.astro-med.com/tmindex.html.

Indoor/outdoor keypads

Illinois Tool Works Switches has unveiled a line of access control keypads.

The units, called ActiveMetal keypads, are activated by touching the raised sculpted keys and are constructed in solid metal. The keypads are available in both 12-key and 16-key configurations. Intended for indoor or outdoor use, the keypads are resistant to weather elements, as well as water and dust.

The ActiveMetal keypads, rated to operate in temperatures from -40° to +85° C, are unaffected by vibration and humidity and are rated at +9 to +24 VDC at 50mA (max).

The keypads can be used for point-of-sale kiosks, security and alarm systems, keyless entry points, gas pumps, ATMs, clean rooms, and other industrial, commercial and retail settings.

Call: 800-544-3354; visit: www.itwswitches.com.

Tinted desiccator

A manufacturer of laboratory products has released a desiccator that reduces visible light penetration more than 50%.

The Secador Amber Tinted Auto-Desiccator also blocks 99% of UV light and is resistant to staining, crazing and chemical attack.

Produced by Bel-Products, the unit reduces relative humidity to 25% and circulates dry air automatically to ensure safe, dry storage. The desiccator is available in four sizes and can be stacked together to save space.

Call: 1-800-423-5278; visit http://ww.belart.com.

Crush sensor

Endevco, a manufacturer of vibration, shock and pressure measurement instruments, has introduced a crush test accelerometer.

The Endevco model 7287, primarily used in vehicle crash tests, is placed on bumpers, fenders, doors and trunk lids to gather critical data on vehicle "crush" zones.

The new accelerometer features an input voltage of 10Vdc and output sensitivity of 0.10 mV/g. Its full scale range is 2000 g, and its frequency response is 4,000 Hz with a resonant frequency of 20,000Hz.

Three form factors are available to allow maximum flexibility: two with cable and one without cable for users who prefer to perform their own wiring.

Call: 949-295-5515; visit www.endevco.com.

Sensors for tires and rubber

A series of in-process noncontact sensors for the tire and rubber industry has been introduced by LMI Technologies.

Called the Selecom SLS5000 series, the sensors feature a fast, automatic light control circuit for measuring on varying surfaces from mat topography to shiny black materials, such as rubber.

The sensor provides high-speed, 16 kHz data with real-time control of laser intensity. This allows for the accurate measurement of data from most surfaces that vary in texture, color and reflectivity. The sensor has a measurement range of 1,250 mm and can provide resolutions to 0.15 microns.

Call: 770-888-6586; visit www.lmitechnologies.com.

Corrosion data collector

There's a new handheld portable corrosion data collection instrument to help collect data in hazardous settings.

The Checkmate DL, developed by Rohrback Cosasco Systems, lets users read corrosion data from a data logger or remote data collectors. Users can later transfer the data to a computer for graphing and corrosion analysis.

The portable unit runs for about 10 hours on six AA batteries and can operate in temperatures of -18° to +50° C. The instrument can capture and store as many as 50 readings of different corrosion data loggers.

Visit: www.cosasco.com.

Output beam expanders

A new family of large output laser beam expanders has been released by Special Optics, a lens systems manufacturer.

The new beam expanders feature:

  • Diffraction-limited optical designs with large output clear apertures of 10 mm to more than 100 mm.
  • Expansion ratios from 5X to 40X.
  • Input apertures of 1.3 mm to 20 mm.

The large output beam expanders can be specified at single and dual wavelengths, from 248 nm to 1550 nm, and have damage thresholds of 500 MW/cm2.

The beam expanders allow for proper collimation and a more controlled focus or defocus of the beam. They can be used in several laser processing and micromachining tasks, such as cutting solar cells, marking diverse materials, drilling metal sheets, structuring metal foils and scribing ceramic substrates.

Call: 973-366-7289; visit: www.specialoptics.com.

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