The True Test of Loyalty

Abstract:´╗┐Although the customer loyalty field has undergone major technological innovation, the quality of measurement and understanding the concept of customer loyalty has not kept up. A multidimensional approach to visualizing customer loyalty offers new insights into expanding business through new and existing customers. Objective measures of customer loyalty include number of referrals, decision to purchase again and to purchase different products, and customer retention and defection rates. Two separate studies were undertaken to determine the measurement properties of loyalty items within two industries - wireless service providers and PC manufacturers. Advocacy loyalty, purchasing loyalty and retention loyalty each provided unique data regarding the quality of customer loyalty. Loyalty indexes predict actual future growth and help companies effectively measure and manage different types of customer …

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In B2C business scenario, it is very important to get Customer Loyalty by age group also as today's young customer is tomorrows Loyal customer, if he / she is happy with the Product and Services.
--Samir, 04-07-2015

Great article. Can you provide some suggestions on how to gauge and grow customer loyalty and retention in an SaaS model?
--Aisha, 03-05-2012

This article gave meaningful insights into measures related to customer loyalty & satisfaction indexes. It would be really helpful if the techniques used in the analysis are explained in detail.
--Amit Bhattacharjee, 01-11-2011

Very nice article. Good work. I read it three times.
--muhammad, 04-23-2010

We were working in several projects related to measurement of customer loyalty, retention, returning customers strategies and relevance of Word of mouth (WOM) in the purchase decision, thus this article came to provide us with valuable hints we can use to complete our assessment. Thanks so much to QP and Dr Hayes for the oportunity of get this information.
--Roy Marin, 09-03-2008

This article was excellent!
--Penny Wright, 06-25-2008

--Pankaj Prasad, 06-18-2008

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