Series encoders

Renco Encoders' RE200 series encoders provide six different connector configurations with a variety of output options.

The RE200 series encoders use industry standard connector systems with integral locking features. Each connector option comes in radial or axial orientation.

The RE200 series encoders provide single ended A and B channels with reference marks in resolutions up to 4,096 using a 1 in. code disk. Line driver outputs are also available. The RE200 series can be customized if the available options do not meet initial requirements.

Call: 805-968-1525; visit: www.renco.com.

Ultrasonic detection system

The Ultraprobe 3000, an ultrasonic detection system from UE Systems, uncovers energy waste and helps plants reduce their carbon footprint.

The Ultraprobe 3000 will impact energy conservation by locating compressed air, steam trap leaks and faulty steam traps.

The digital instrument has a 16-segment bar graphic display panel that shows sensitivity level, storage location, storage location number and battery level.

Other features include scanning and stethoscope modules, noise isolating headphones, calibrated decibel readout, rubber focusing probe and a storage entry area.

Call: 914-592-1220; visit: www.uesystems.com.

Process analyzer

Waters has released the PATROL UPLC process analyzer. The PATROL UPLC is a real-time process analytical technology system that detects and quantifies complex multiple component manufacturing samples and final products on the manufacturing floor.

The PATROL UPLC provides reproducible quality control laboratory capabilities such as automated purity and yield results, automated sign-off and real-time release. The PATROL UPLC integrates and automates sample preparation capabilities, liquid chromatography instrumentation, column chemistries and process control communication interfaces.

Call: 508-482-2614; e-mail: brian_j_murphy@waters.com.

Machine vision camera

The CS3970CL machine vision camera from Toshiba Teli is designed for original equipment manufacturing industrial vision applications such as precision gauging, alignment, character reading and fine defect inspection on very small parts.

The CS3970CL captures full frame images at up to 15 frames per second using a 1/1.8 progressive scan charge-coupled device. This is ideal for highly detailed inspection of fast moving objects. Frame rates can be increased using the camera's optional partial scan and high speed draft modes.

Call: 949-770-8354; e-mail: doug.freck@ttai.toshiba.com.

Tool position system

The Tool Position System (TPS) from Stanley Assembly Technologies uses position monitoring technology to monitor an assembly tool location and set specific control parameters for each fastener.

TPS is available for articulating arms from 10 Nm to 4,000 Nm. A sequence of fastener positions can be programmed to ensure assembly to specifications. A socket-try option enables different bolt sizes in a sequence. Other features include a color touch screen, an interface to auxiliary devices and up to 50 part patterns.

Call: 440-229-9573; e-mail: jjerdonek@stanleyworks.com.

Mini conveyor

FKI Logistex's Mini-Unscrambler conveyor orients cases into a single file line at up to 100 cartons per minute for induction into high speed material handling systems.

By edge aligning cartons and removing side-by-side products, the Mini-Unscrambler reduces system jams and missorts and decreases carton recirculation.

Cartons delivered in single line orientation can reduce gaps, minimize scuffing and allow for a range of products. The standard length of the Mini-Unscrambler is 15 ft.

E-mail: martin.clark@fkilogistex.com; visit: www.fkilogistex.com.

Low profile accelerometer

Wilcoxon Research has introduced the 787F, a low profile accelerometer featuring a side exit and integral cable. The 787F accelerometer's integral cable is permanently mounted, eliminating the concern that contaminants can penetrate the connector.

Dirt, oil, grease, water, dust and other contaminants found in harsh industrial environments can cause an electrical short, erratic or erroneous readings and corrosion.

The low profile sensor is designed with a side exit connector and captive screw for easy installation in confined areas.

E-mail: wilcoxon@meggitt.com; visit: www.wilcoxon.com.

Viscosity sensor

SenGenuity's ViSmart viscosity sensor provides immediate sample and continuous, real-time, in-process viscosity measurements for embedded, inline environments that require high resolution and accuracy in low to midrange viscosity fluids.

The ViSmart sensor uses semiconductor technology, has no moving parts and is sealed for complete immersion. It is unaffected by vibration or flow conditions and does not need field calibration.

The ViSmart sensor measures the viscosity of a range of fluids and is rated for temperatures up to 125º C. The ViSmart sensor can be customized for specific industry applications and process requirements.

Call: 603-578-3052; e-mail: www.wilcoxon.com.

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