Testing the Limits of Team Development

Abstract:Practical techniques are discussed for moving a team quickly through the stages of team development without sacrificing performance. ASQ’s exam review workshop is a two-day event with the goal of producing a certification exam that meets accepted assessment standards. A fixed deadline infuses a sense of urgency, but when the team is performing, it is making progress toward the goal and the quality of work is high. The ideas and lessons learned by these fast-paced teams can be applied to accelerate more conventional teams through the stages of team development. Sidebar articles describe the language of testing, provide ground rules for team development, and give advice on how to get involved in an exam development …

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Scott, A very practical and useful article. I work for a support unit in an International company and a current topic is "How to make meetings more effective". We have people flying in from all over for 1 & 2 day meetings so your ideas / process description are loaded with potential for me. I can see immediate applications and improved effectiveness. Thanks, Jim
--Jim Conroy, 04-30-2008

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