Remote monitoring system

Onset Computer has released the HOBO remote monitoring system, a data logging system that provides energy and facility managers with access to energy and HVAC/R systems' data anytime and anywhere.

The system combines data logging hardware with a web-enabled software platform. Users can access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations.

The HOBO remote monitoring system features a double weatherproof enclosure for operation in harsh environments. It also includes a relay that can be activated by alarm conditions for automatically turning equipment such as pumps and ventilators on and off.

Call: 508-759-9500; e-mail: sales@onsetcomp.com

Precision cleaner

CRC has released Contact Cleaner 2000 VC, a precision cleaner designed to remove contaminants from electronic equipment. The cleaner has no flash point, which reduces the risk of fire caused by incidental contact with live electrical equipment. The formula evaporates quickly and requires no rinsing or wiping.

Contact Cleaner 2000 VC is recommended for cleaning light oils, dirt, dust, fingerprints, flux or polar soils from contacts, metal switches, motors, relays generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales and sensors. The cleaner is not recommended for use on Noryl or polycarbonate type plastics such as Lexan.

E-mail: cbrown@crcindustries.com; visit: www.crcindustries.com/ei.

Coated thread gauges

Swanson Tool Manufacturing's steel titanium nitride (TiN) coated thread gauges offer lubricity and corrosion resistance. The TiN coating provides a visual check for gauge wear, because its metallic gold appearance will start to lose its luster as the gauge wears.

The TiN coated thread gauges are designed for gauging high volumes and highly abrasive aerospace materials. The gauges are available in standard taperlock inch and metric sizes; however, Swanson can also design gauges for special applications.

Call: 800-243-0098; e-mail: sales@swansongage.com.

Thickness measurement gauge

Oxford Instruments' CMI165 copper thickness measurement gauge features temperature compensation. The hand-held device measures hot or cold copper on printed circuit boards. The temperature compensation allows for in-process inspection, regardless of the temperature of the copper surface.

The CMI165 can measure foil, laminated, electroless or electrodeposited copper thickness with direct digital readout in mils, microns or copper weight. The gauge can be used to sort copper by weight at incoming inspection, before drilling, shearing or copper plating processes. Statistical analysis includes data recording, average, standard deviation and high-low reporting.

Visit: www.oxford-instruments.com; e-mail: analytical@oxinst.co.uk.

Biodiesel analyzer

The Biodiesel Quality Analyzer (BQA) 1000 from Aspectrics is a precalibrated, at-line analyzer used in harsh biodiesel production applications. The BQA 1000's sampling probe and graphical user interface provide results in 60 seconds.

Users can analyze incoming raw materials and finished products for contaminants such as water percentage, methanol concentration, total glycerine, free glycerine and free fatty acids. New calibrations can be added to the BQA 1000 to meet future testing requirements. The analyzer requires no sample preparation.

Call: 925-931-9270; visit: www.aspectrics.com.

Radiometer and photometer

Gamma Scientific's flexOptometer is a radiometer and photometer designed to operate as a standalone or computer controlled photometric, radiometric or fiber optic measurement tool.

The flexOptometer is available with a single head or up to four interchangeable detector heads. It features four channels and a touch screen LCD interface, and offers instant readout results.

The flexOptometer is suited for testing and light measurement applications, such as display, LED, laser power, fiber optics strobe and signal light measurements.

E-mail: enelson@gamma-sci.com; visit: www.gamma-sci.com.

Basket strainers

Micromold Products' basket strainers made of Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) capture undissolved solids to extend the life of downstream equipment and reduce down time in chemical process industries.

The strainers remove suspended or waste solids from corrosive or high purity fluid streams to prevent damage to downstream equipment such as pumps, valves, instruments and spray nozzles.

The PVDF basket strainers are impermeable to UV radiation. The baskets are Food and Drug Administration compliant and have a high rigidity and resistance to creep under mechanical loads. A variety of mesh screens are available.

Call: 914-969-2850 x103; e-mail: cberman@micromold.com.

Acoustic enclosure

Herzan's acoustic enclosure, the NanoVault offers a quiet environment for precision instruments and sensitive applications. It isolates instruments and test stations from environmental noise to reduce measurement error and increase repeatability. The NanoVault's 11 damping layers ensure noise loss over a broad spectrum.

Applications include materials analysis, failure analysis, product testing, quality control, microscopy and high precision metrology. The NanoVault features a cable clamp, automated door, NanoDamp frame, shelves and mounts. It also includes a removable back panel for installation and service. It's available in custom sizes and colors.

Call: 949-363-2905; visit: www.herzan.com.

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