The Architect of Quality

Abstract:A tribute to Joseph M. Juran, who died recently at the age of 103, reveals a man who overcame adversity to become a renowned leader in the world of quality management. Emigrating with his family from Romania to escape poverty and persecution, Juran worked hard to obtain a formal education. He began his career in 1924 as an engineer with Western Electric, and it was there that he began his quality journey. After spending the World War II years with the Lend Lease Administration, Juran went on to teaching and consulting, devoting his talents to the human side of quality. Juran made a difference in the world by promoting, teaching, writing, and lecturing on quality for all walks of life. Sidebar articles reveal Juran’s take on various quality related subjects, provide a chronological history of his life, and give personal recollections of those who knew the …

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The True Architect of Quality has cleansed this globe and has left us for Heavens to continue his deed out there! Inspiring & Indepth article.
--Sathyanarayan Raghunathan, 04-25-2008

With this world developing a united economy, it's imperative to continue the concepts and ethics developed by Dr.Juran. We would dishonor his memory and service to the human race if we didn't.
--Juan Garcia, 04-23-2008

fantastic article.very inspiring. we understand from Dr Juran's work that to understand, preach and implement quality in a social structure one needs to understand human behaviour, technical tools like statistics, and economics aswell.

--manish pawar, 04-22-2008

Excellent. Is a breaf treep though the life of the biggest contributor of today??s knoledge in quality.
--Leopoldo Rodriguez, 04-21-2008

Juran's work inspires. His passion to quality makes me feel our efforts are really worthy: our job can be trascendental if it is well done.
--Luciana Paulise, 04-20-2008

Excellent article. Every one who aspire to achieve something great should learn lesson from this article.
I am impressed with
- maintain focus,keep active,never stop exploring- all in the name of quality
- a new science, managing quality
I am sure that Quality, efficiency, cost control, improvement and innovation wil be the consequences.

--Dr P.L.Narasimhan, 04-20-2008

This article is inspiring to me. It let us know that the older we are the more wiser we can be. Never stop working and teaching. It is food for the survival of your brains.
--Hessel Visser (Netherlands), 04-18-2008

As always, articles on Dr. Juran are inspirational motivators to quality professionals. Thanks for taking the time to honor such a one-of-a-kind individual.
--milton kowalewski, 04-15-2008

Good article ! Juran is wonderful !
--Jose Ricardo S Carrijo, 04-14-2008

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