Mind Your Meetings

Abstract:Organizations devote an inordinate amount of time and effort to meetings and as the number of meetings increases, the impact on the organization’s bottom line can be significant. Ineffective meetings are a cost that an organization can control. Meeting behaviors and practices are often institutionalized habits that can be difficult to break. As with any behavior where sustainable change is the objective, it is first necessary to state expectations, then follow up with measurement, feedback, and reinforcement. A three-step process offers better business results through effective meeting management. Sidebar articles discuss meeting monitoring and guidelines for leaders at …

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--KFerry, 10-06-2009

A great job. It is useful and helpful. I realized how much waste we did in our meetings.
Thanks a lot.

--Osman Aboud, 07-08-2009

This article explained an important issue quite convincingly. While I think meetings are necessary, they consume lot of time.
--Ejaz Ahmed, 01-30-2009

This was an excellent article. Too many times I have participated in meetings where the moderator was not well prepared. Thanks for addressing the important issues.
--Earline Shaw, 06-18-2008

Excelent guide to use.
--Carlos Heldwein, 06-12-2008

This was a very good article with lots of practical, useful and helpful information on improving meetings. If you want to have a great meeting template to go along with this check out the free one that's available at http://BetterWorkplaceNow.com/meetings
--Roger Tregelles, 04-21-2008

Lately due to workload I have declined meetings that do not have an agenda attached to the invitation or I delegate someone to attend for me. When asked why I can't attend, I stress that the subject could be handled by email. Usually this is better unless it is extremely urgent to get resolution on an issue. This article has some very good points.
--Larry Miller, 04-16-2008

This is a great article. Speaking from experience at my company, we spend far too much time in unnecessary meeting. Many of which have no real agenda. This article provides some good tools for addressing those concerns.
--Chris Robertson, 04-16-2008

--angela, 04-16-2008

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