Linear Gauge Sensor

Ono Sokki Technology has released the GS-4630 linear gauge sensor. The GS-4630 can measure dimensions, thickness, displacement, height, depth and flatness using glass scale technology. It is resistant to dust, chips, water, oil and tough conditions found in manufacturing environments like production floors.

The GS-4630 comes with a 15 ft. signal cable. Optional extension cables up to 100 ft. are available. The gauge is compatible with many remote displays, comparators and interfaces with various outputs.

Call: 630-627-9700 x121; e-mail: kujiiye@onosokki.net.

Heating Dry Baths

Torrey Pines Scientific has released the EchoTherm SC20XT and SC25XT models. The SC20XT is a digital unit while the SC25XT is fully programmable. Both models have a temperature range from -20º C to 100º C and incorporate a variable speed orbital shaker for mixing and controlling the temperatures of samples simultaneously.

The instruments are designed as molecular biology tools and can be used to run temperature and time profiles, unattended restriction digestions, automatic enzyme reactions and deactivations.

Call: 760-471-9100; e-mail: tonyc@torreypinesscientific.com.

Tablet Computer

The Ridgeline Tablet from Glacier Computer features a 10 in. display with options for daylight readability. It was designed and tested to withstand repeated 3 ft. drops to the concrete.

Users can input data through a touch screen or with a pen. The accompanying software allows for signature capture and character recognition.

The Ridgeline offers instant access to a database, work order, blueprint, parts list or another computer. It also features an integrated global positioning system module.

E-mail: johng@glaciercomputer.com; visit: www.glaciercomputer.com.

Robotic Gripper

Applied Robotics has released the Smart Gripper, a closed loop, direct drive gripper. The Smart Gripper is designed to deliver gripping capabilities with a programming interface. It offers integration with most commercially available robots.

The Smart Gripper features robotic finger positioning, adjustable grip force and easy installation, and it requires no external controller. Its gripping fingers can be designed by the user or provided by Applied Robotics. The gripper can provide status back to the robot controller using three output lines.

Call: 518-384-1000; e-mail: jbrown@arobotics.com.

Document Authoring and Review

Coventi Pages allows multiple users in various locations to collaborate on documents. Users can review, discuss and revise documents online in one place through a web browser.

Other features include highlighting specific content and creating a comment or suggested edit that invites others to reply. Coventi Pages can also keep track of who has reviewed the document, when they reviewed it and what their comments are in the context of the document.

Users can request approval from the group and documents can be approved with one click.

Call: 210-858-4607; e-mail: lauren.tessier@coventi.com.

ESD Event Detector

The Trek model 900 ESD Event Detector is a diagnostic tool for manufacturing environments sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), including electronic, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing and assembly.

ESD events are important indicators of excessive charge accumulation, which can be detrimental to ESD sensitive processes. The ESD Event Detector identifies and verifies incidents in suspected areas of ESD activity in a manufacturing site.

A voltage sensitive antenna is positioned near potential problem areas to monitor ESD events. Detection is conveyed through an audible buzzer and color-coded light display, which depicts intensity.

Call: 585-798-3140; visit: www.trekinc.com.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Leica’s T-Probe can probe hidden, hard-to-reach points and measure up to nine cars in one setup. The T-Probe reaches up to 98 ft. in any dimension. It is battery powered for wireless operation and offers a sleep mode option.

Individual application functionality is available with user-assignable multifunction buttons. Other features include right or left handed operation, acoustic process information feedback, insensitivity to environmental light and a point rate output of 1,000 points per second.

E-mail: metrology@leica-geosystems.com; visit: www.leica-geosystems.com.

Bore Gage

Sunnen’s PG-Series bore gages are designed for process control in lean manufacturing environments. The gages can be used to examine the entire bore for diameter, taper, barrel, bell mouth, out-of-round and lobing. A sliding faceplate with adjustable stops permits end-to-end examination of bores. Stops can be set to allow examination of a particular section of the bore with accuracy up to the edge of ports, lands and ends.

A calibration ring traceable to international standards comes as part of the gage system and features nominal size at 68º F marked on the face. Calibration checks with the ring ensure that gage setting capability retains accuracy in original limits.

Call: 800-325-3670; e-mail: sales@sunnen.com.

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