Educating Engineers

Abstract:While statistics is an indispensable tool for solving engineering problems, many engineers begin their careers without a proper background in the subject due to flawed teaching methods in high school and university statistic classes. Consequently, educational institutions are being urged to update their teaching of statistics to make it more appealing, practical, and useful. The authors propose that teachers use cases based on real projects so students understand that their decisions as engineers could determine the success or failure of different ongoing systems. A problem related to wastewater treatment plant management where lack of skill in the plant operation can lead to disastrous environmental consequences is used to illustrate this teaching concept. The analysis of data provides an opportunity to discuss the results in terms of what is statistically important and in terms of engineering process management. Sidebar articles describe a European Union research program dedicated to …

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Very good article. Through real and simple case-study statistics, this can be studied further, particularly with the software tools being available today. This was my personal experience when I shared my SPC knowledge with my son making his first project report and updated later with an expert in statistics.
--Subramania Kannan, 06-03-2010

My rate is 2-Disapointing. First at all, the title is provocative and inappropriate. As concerns the paper is not clear.
--Ricardo, 09-22-2008

--me, 05-05-2008

--Leopoldo Rodriguez, 02-18-2008

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