Video Inspection System

Titan Tool Supply has released a portable remote video inspection system to its Envision line. The SnakeEye III system is capable of recording images to a flash memory card for later transfer to a PC for archival and e-mail purposes.

The SnakeEye III can be configured to inspect behind walls, inside ceilings, around pipes and machinery, under vehicles and aircraft, inside engine compartments, behind computer equipment and underneath automobile dashboards. Two models are available: the Base Kit W and the Base Kit CW.

Call: 716-873-9907; e-mail: menza@titantoolsupply.com.

Inventory Tags

Badger Tag and Label has designed three custom tags for companies performing their annual inventory. Single tags can be printed in many sizes and feature a standard cut corner.

Manifold tags include up to four parts and are designed for companies requiring multiple people or facilities to have information about items in inventory.

Companies who use thermal print labels choose one design and then print specific information for each inventory item on the label. The thermal stock allows for printing using laser, thermal, inkjet and dot-matrix methods. Numbers and barcodes can also be printed on inventory tags.

Call: 920-994-4348; e-mail: dj@badgertag. com.

Imaging Sensor

Headwall Photonics’ Hyperspec is an imaging sensor designed for spectral imaging, chemical sensing solutions and hyperspectral remote sensing projects. The sensor is primarily used in airborne applications, particularly in harsh environments.

The Hyperspec sensor provides distortion free chemical imaging, high optical throughput, high signal-to-noise and dynamic range. The sensor is available in several spectral ranges, including visible, near infrared and short wavelength infrared. Expanded spectral ranges and custom wavelength ranges are also available.

Call: 978-353-4100; visit: www.headwallphotonics.com.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

The X-Checker from Xspect Solutions is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) designed for shop floor production applications in which environmental conditions are inconsistent.

The X-Checker combines granite components with frictionless bearings, pneumatic counterbalance, gage performance, and repeatability and reproducibility. It can be used as a touch probe or scanning CMM.

The X-Checker’s guideways are covered with machine tool bellows that protect the ballscrews from dirt and contamination, exposed sunlight and short-term temperature variations. The X-Checker also features computer-aided design software.

Call: 248-295-4300; e-mail: kmills@xspectsolutions.com.

Thermal Insert

Warner Instruments has released the TB-3 CCD thermal insert, a versatile platform for cell culture and tissue work. It can be used in the electrophysiological, cellular and neurological sciences. The insert is optimized for 35 mm cell culture dishes and the Warner RC-40 Quick Change imaging chambers.

An integrated water jacket removes excess heat from the internal peltier device and allows for temperature control of media. Magnetic stainless steel along the perimeter of the TB-3 CCD platform allows for the use of magnetic suction and perfusion tube holders.
Call: 203-776-0664; visit: www.warnerinstruments.com.

Inspection System

The online double seam inspection system by CMC-Kuhnke measures food and beverage cans externally. The cans are emptied of their contents, cross-sectioned and measured.

The double seam inspection results
and double seam image files are sent directly into the customer’s data collection system or statistical process control software.

If out-of-spec conditions or statistical anomalies are discovered, several optional automatic responses are available to notify operators that corrective action is needed. The notifications range from warning lights and alarms to a signal sent to the line to stop production.

Call: 518-828-9345; visit: www.cmc-kuhnke.com.

Capacitance Accelerometer

Endevco has released the model 7290D variable capacitance accelerometer with onboard, microprocessor based temperature compensation.

It is designed to provide thermal stability and global accuracy required for the measurement of relatively low level accelerations in laboratory tests and measurement, automotive and aerospace applications, including military and commercial flight testing.

Gas damping and internal over-range stops enable its silicon sensing element to withstand high shock and acceleration loads. The use of gas damping in the sensing element also results in very small thermally induced changes in frequency response.

Call: 949-493-8181 x242; e-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com.

Production Cell

The JobShop Cell from Methods Machine Tools is for job shops with small to medium lot sizes. It is an integrated production cell that combines the RoboDrill Vertical Machining Center with an interfaced 6-axis robot for automated loading and unloading.

The JobShop Cell can be configured to handle any part that will fit in its 6 in. vise or chuck. The standardized work-handling interface accommodates hydraulic and pneumatic workholding options.

Call: 978-443-5388; visit: www.methodsmachine.com.

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