Panel Recommends Interoperability Specs To Support Records

The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) has released recommendations to ensure the interoperability of electronic health records in the United States.

HITSP, working on this project with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), says patients should be assured of confidentiality while receiving the highest quality care.

“HITSP is identifying the standards and specifications that will help patients become stewards of their own personal health information,” says John Halamka, M.D., HITSP chair and CIO of Harvard Medical School.

After review and approval of the standards by the federal advisory body, the American Health Information Community, the following specifications will be recommended to HHS:

  • Consumer access to clinical information.
  • Quality indicators.
  • Emergency responder electronic health records.

A set of standards and specifications that will help keep patient medical information secure in an electronic environment had already been approved by HITSP on Oct. 15, 2007.


Speakers added to world conference lineup

Three more featured speakers have been added to the lineup for the 2008 World Conference on Quality and Improvement, May 5-7 in Houston. Those recently announced are:

  • Patrick Townsend, a former Malcolm Baldridge Award examiner and author of Commit to Quality and Quality in Action: 93 Lessons in Leadership, Participation and Management.
  • Michael Stanleigh, director of project and quality management at SheridanCorporate’s Centre for Innovation, an adult learning and training organization, and president of Business Improvement Architects, a consulting firm. He is the author of the report “From Crisis to Control: A New Era in Strategic Project Management.”
  • Glenn Walters of G.W. Enterprises, a consultant on quality, management and leadership issues for more than 30 years. He is the chair of ASQ’s Team and Workplace Excellence Leadership Council.

Other featured speakers announced earlier are: T.K. “Ken” Mattingly, the astronaut who played a key role in the return of the Apollo 13 crew from the near-disastrous lunar mission in 1970; and Gregory S. Babe, president and CEO of Bayer Corp. Material Science.

For conference updates, visit http://wcqi.asq.org.


Award Winners Announced

ASQ’s awards board has announced the winners of its national awards for 2007. They are as follows:

Brumbaugh Award: George E.P. Box and Carmen Paniagua-Quinones, for their article “Two Charts: Not One,” Quality Engineering, April-June 2007.

Crosby Medal: Peter Patton and Bijay Jayaswal, for Design for Trustworthy Software, Pearson Education, 2007.

Deming Medal: H. Thomas Johnson, who successfully combined the application of statistical thinking and management so each supports and enhances the other, leading to quality in products and services.

Feigenbaum Medal: Elizabeth Cudney, for leadership by a quality professional 35 years old or younger.

Freund-Marquardt Medal: Ofelia U. Barretto, for being a leader for many years in the development of standards for quality assurance and management systems.

Grant Medal: Thomas Pyzdek, for leadership in education.

Juran Medal: Sister Mary Jean Ryan, FSM, for organizational leadership.

Ishikawa Medal: John Timmerman, for his positive impact on the human aspects of quality.

Lancaster Medal: Madhav Sinha, for contributions to the international fraternity of quality professionals

Shewhart Medal: Jeffrey Wu, for technical leadership.

For more information on ASQ awards, go to www.asq.org/about-asq/awards.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SECTOR-SPECIFIC Certifications on the Rise

The ISO Survey—2006 shows a 16% rise in certifications to ISO 9001, the quality management standard, and ISO 14001, the environmental management standard, in 2006.

During the same period, certification to the more recently developed ISO/TS 16949 for the automotive sector and ISO 13485 for medical devices increased by more than 60%.

Nearly 900,000 certificates to ISO 9001 had been issued in 170 countries and economies by the end of 2006, up from the approximate 775,000 in 161 countries and economies at the end of 2005. For ISO 14001, the 2006 total was nearly 130,000 in 140 countries and economies, up from the approximate 111,000 in 138 countries and economies in 2005.

By the end of 2006, about 28,000 ISO/TS 16949 certificates had been issued in 78 countries and economies, compared with about 17,000 in 80 countries and economies at the end of 2005. For ISO 13485, about 8,000 certificates had been issued in 82 countries and economies by the end of 2006, compared with about 5,000 in 67 countries and economies at the end of 2005.

For the first time, the survey covers the new ISO/IEC 27001 requirements for information security management systems. By the end of 2006, nearly 6,000 certificates had been issued in 64 countries and economies. The complete survey is available at no cost at www.iso.org.


2008 Baldrige Criteria Available

The 2008 Criteria for Performance Excellence are now available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

The criteria provide a systems perspective for understanding performance management and are also the basis for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process.

There are three versions of the criteria: business/nonprofit, education and healthcare.

They can be acessed at www.quality.nist.gov. Paper copies of the documents can be obtained from nqp@nist.gov or by calling 301-975-2036.


Three Teams Spotlighted at Education Fourm

Three schools received Team Excellence Awards during competition at ASQ’s 15th National Quality Education Conference last year. It was the first time the conference hosted the team competition. Winners included:

  • Gold: A team from the department of mathematics at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant improved the way freshman are placed in mathematics courses. The team applied various Six Sigma strategies in the project. Results of the project included $620,000 in savings and lower student failure rates.
  • Silver: Lafayette High School of the Rockwood School District in Wildwood, MO, designed ways to raise student scores on college entrance exams. In particular, the team analyzed data to determine how the school’s faculty, parents and students could work together to increase standardized test scores. Project results included higher test scores and more scholarship dollars for the high school’s students: From 1998 to 2006, the students’ average American College Test (ACT) scores increased from 23.1 to 24.9, and their combined scholarships more than tripled from $300,000 to $920,000.
  • Bronze: The continuing education (CE) department at Clayton State University in Morrow, GA, used lean and Six Sigma methods to improve CE student test scores, increase enrollment and provide the students’ employers a high return on investment. Savings were estimated at $1.3 million.

More than 650 people attended the three-day conference in St. Louis. Next year’s education conference will be Nov. 16-18 in Reno, NV. For more information, visit http://nqec.asq.org/index.html.

Short Runs

A NEW U.S. DELEGATION LEADER to ISO Technical Committee 176/subcommittee (SC) 2 has been named. Lorri Hunt, who has been involved with the U.S. technical advisory group (TAG) for more than 10 years, has succeeded Larry Wilson, who retired last year. Wilson plans to remain on the TAG as the Aviation/Space and Defense Division representative.

THE FOOD SAFETY AUDITOR certification scheme offered by RABQSA International has been expanded in North America, thanks to the addition of training providers that offer the exams in the region. “RABQSA certification will provide confidence to the food safety industry that RABQSA certified auditors have the appropriate competencies to ensure that the required audit outcomes are achieved,” Michael K. Carmody, RABQSA president and CEO, said in a prepared statement. For more information on food safety auditor training and the certification scheme, visit www.rabqsa.com.

MEASUREMENT PROFESSIONALS are being asked to submit abstracts for white papers for the 24th Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC), to be held July 21-25 in Charlotte-Concord, NC. Organizers are looking for papers illustrating the successful application of 3-D coordinate measurement systems. Deadline is March 3. For guidelines on submitting abstracts, visit www.cmsc.org/callforpapers2008.pdf. For other questions, contact Talion Edwards at 314-477-6231 or e-mail presentations@cmsc.org.

TEXAS BASED HEALTHCARE provider Valley Baptist Health System received three awards at the Global Six Sigma Summit & Industry Awards ceremony last year in Las Vegas. The organization was awarded best achievement of Six Sigma in healthcare, as well as the Platinum Award for overall achievement through Six Sigma using quality methods. Thomas A.Gonzalez of Valley Baptist received the Six Sigma vice president of the year honor.

A NEW CERTIFICATION PROGRAM has been unveiled for international vendors who provide credentialing services for U.S. healthcare companies. The program is the first to focus on international vendors that the Washington, DC based Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) has deployed.


LATEST ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER Bell Aircraft Corp. has joined ASQ as an organizational member. The Fort Worth, TX, based aircraft manufacturer joins 10 other ASQ organizational members. For more information about becoming an organizational member, visit www.asq.org/enterprise.

NEW ACADEMIC AWARD A new statistics award for graduate students has been established by Thomas J. and Eileen C. Boardman and Colorado State University. The award will be given to a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate in statistics. Thomas J. Boardman is an ASQ fellow and the past recipient of the Ellis Ott Award and the W. Edwards Deming Medal. For more information, visit www.stat.colostate.edu.

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE Applications for the Richard A. Freund International Scholarship are due April 1. The scholarship is for students pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate with a concentration in quality control, quality assurance, quality improvement or total quality management.

QUALITY DAY The ASQ-Universidad de Monterrey student branch will host its seventh annual Quality Day April 9 at the school’s community center in Monterrey, Mexico. The university’s engineering division and ASQ student members have scheduled seminars and group sessions on topics related to quality, manufacturing and management. For more information, visit www.asqudem.com.

AWARD WINNER Rick Golek is the recipient of the 2007 Rudolph G. Woodward Award. The award recognizes Maine’s outstanding quality professional of the year. Golek was the unanimous choice of his peers on the executive committee of the ASQ Pine Tree State Section 0105. He is vice chair of the section.

CHINA VISIT ASQ board chair Ron Atkinson was a keynote speaker at the recent International Congress for Quality Control Circles in Beijing, hosted by the China Assn. for Quality. Atkinson also visited the headquarters of telecommunications giant Huawei in Shenzhen during his visit.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ASQ is looking for members to assist in developing certification exams. To build valid, thorough exams and create questions for the different certification tests, input from ASQ’s certified members is needed in these item writing workshops. Volunteers must be certified in a specific exam program. Usually, 16 members participate in each of the two-day workshops held at ASQ headquarters in Milwaukee. For more information, contact Mary Martin at (800) 248-1946 or e-mail her at mmartin@asq.org.

LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT ASQ has started a letter writing campaign to convince President Bush to attend the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award ceremony this spring and present the awards. The upcoming ceremony marks the 20th class of award recipients. Vice President Cheney has attended four out of the last five ceremonies. For more information about the campaign, visit http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2452/t/1899/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=16479 (case sensitive).


ISO CD-ROM Packages All Food Safety Management Standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released a CD-ROM that contains the ISO 22000 series of food safety management systems.

Related standards for conformity assessment professionals involved in the certification of these systems and the accreditation of bodies carrying out such certification are also included in the CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM includes:

  • ISO 22000, Food Safety Management Systems—Requirements for Any Organization in the Food Chain.
  • ISO TS 22004, Food Safety Management Systems—Guidance on the Application of ISO 22000.
  • ISO 22005, Traceability in the Feed and Food Chain—General Principles and Basic Requirements for System Design and Implementation.
  • ISO TS 22003, Food Safety Management Systems—Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Food Safety Management Systems.
  • ISO/IEC 17021, Conformity Assessment—Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems.

The ISO Pack on Food Safety Management Systems is available from ISO national member institutes (www.ansi.org in the United States) or from ISO at www.iso.org/iso/publications_and_eproducts/iso_packs.htm#099009.


New ASQ Fellows Named

ASQ’s board of directors has awarded fellow status to 18 members.

The 2007 fellows are: Peter L. Andres, Donald Brecken, Mahlon G. Cashman, Kwai Sang Chin, Daksha J. Chokshi, Diane N. Dixon, Ronald J. Does, Chandru M. Idnani, Gary G. Jing, William M. Kelly, Donald P. Lynch, John P. Pianelli, Govindarajan Ramu, Phillip J. Ross, Mustafa S. Shraim, Olin G. Shuler, Ronald K. Tuznik and Charles E. Volk.

Fellow membership can be awarded to a member who has 15 years of quality related experience, meets minimum score requirements across six professional categories, is sponsored by peers and endorsed by his or her ASQ section or division, and has been a senior member for five years or longer.

Who’s Who in Q

Name: Susan O. Schall

Residence: Front Royal, VA

Education: Doctorate in industrial engineering from Pennslyvania State University.

Current Job: President/owner of SOS Consulting LLC, a strategic process improvement consulting and training organization.

Introduction to quality: Schall took an introduction to quality control course as a senior in college, but she was initiated into quality during her first job as a quality engineer in paper manufacturing at Eastman Kodak. That was before ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldrige, Six Sigma and lean became well known and popular, but she says the quality engineers were doing many of the things now considered best practices.

Previous jobs: Two noteworthy jobs include Schall’s first job at DuPont in the early 1990s, when she interfaced between quality and continuous flow manufacturing (which today could be considered lean). She also worked for R.R. Donnelley as methodology director. There, her team integrated ISO 9000, process variability reduction, lean, Six Sigma and maintenance into one managing system.

ASQ activities: Schall has served in numerous roles at the local and national level. Currently, she is newsletter editor and internet liaison for the Northern Shenandoah Valley ASQ Section 1131. She is also a member of the
Shewhart Award and Hunter Award committees. She has been chair of Northern Shenandoah Valley Section, chair-elect of Northern Shenandoah Valley Subsection, chair of the Delaware Section; vice chair of the Delaware Section, co-chair of the Rochester Section’s scholarship committee, and a founding member of the Penn State Student Section.

Personal: Schall has been married to Gary Morrison for eight years. They own a golden retriever named Sophie.

Quality quote: Building on thoughts of Ron Snee, “We (as individuals and organizations) often wait to do improvement until we have the time to do it ‘perfect.’ If we made small improvements every day, we would learn about our processes, learn what works and what doesn’t so we can continue to improve the next day and the next. Under this mindset, improvement becomes how we work and not a separate program or project.


--Eduardo Sanchez, 02-20-2008

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