Sharpen Your Auditing Skills

Abstract:´╗┐Effective audits require careful planning and the use of tools such as an audit checklist to help guide planning and execution of the audit. Checklists help the auditor be award of the processes that will be reviewed during the audit, and they help structure the audit and provide documentation for subsequent audits. Instructions for building an effective audit checklist are …

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very informative article
--sujatha, 26-9-2014, 09-26-2014

--ZAFAR QAZI, 06-08-2012

Interesting & Informative
--Sharda Persad Deonarine, 03-14-2012

Very informative.
--RL JONES, 12-08-2009

--Rajeev Raizada, 10-12-2008

This was a very informative article which caught my eye. Basics skills however, needed in today's environment while auditing. How to respond to an auditor is just as important. I have written rules on this topic if anyone is interested.
--Deanna Kerylow, 07-15-2008

--SIMON, 03-03-2008

--Indira Ramjit, 02-20-2008

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