Adjustable frequency drive

Yaskawa’s V1000 industrial adjustable frequency drive was designed for more control in less space. The frame combines a hybrid heat sink design to give it side-by-side mounting capability, which allows for multiple drives to be monitored and maintained from a single enclosure.

The heat sink’s heat dissipation process provides motor control systems with an increased responsiveness and improved energy efficiency.

At the high end, the V1000 reaches 25 hp, while reaching 1/8 hp at the low end. The unit features a two-millisecond scan cycle and an added safety input—EN954-1 Safety Category 3 and Stop Category—which automatically stops the motor faster at the first sign of trouble.

Call: 800-927-5292; visit: www.yaskawa.com.

Adjustable frequency drive

Remote hour meter

Hyster has released an hour meter with the ability to remotely acquire and automatically track lift truck runtime. The remote hour meter is housed in a 3” x 5” box and links to a digital paging network. The meter’s network allows operators to select a specific time for the device to submit truck runtime data. Users can log into the network and check this information anytime from any computer.

Managers can use the network’s grouping capability to view an entire fleet or specific units based on their settings with the customizable LiftTraks web based software interface. Optional global positioning system capabilities are offered.

Call: 800-497-8371; e-mail: lorri.lewis@hyster.com.

Remote hour meter


Simulation software

ESI Group’s VA One is simulation software for vibroacoustic analysis and design. VA One simulates the response of vibroacoustic systems across the frequency range. The software enables noise and vibration performance to be accounted for at the design stage.

The VA One contains technology for coupling the finite element method, the boundary element method and statistical energy analysis in a single analysis.

The software enables users to create more realistic models of noise and vibration performance, reducing the time spent creating and solving models.

Call: 312-327-5260; e-mail: contact.ftpo@ubifrance.fr.

Quality management software

Version 2.0 of Horizons International Quality Management System integrates with DynamicsGP and Horizons Manufacturing Suite to support data collection in real time and provide MS Excel-based data exports.

The software aims to speed data analysis for quality assurance purposes and supports integration of a variety of analysis tools used by quality assurance departments.

Using built-in export functionality, version 2.0 simplifies access to MS Excel data, allowing quality assurance staff to analyze and graph tasks using MS Excel tools. Manufacturing control data, including part numbers, routings and operations, are integrated into the software to improve data retrieval and analysis.

Call: 914-202-9813; visit: www.hzs.com.

Motion system technology

Philips Applied Technologies has developed a technique that allows standard linear motors to simultaneously provide movement along two axes rather than one.

NForcer technology allows designers to reduce the number of motors and electronic drive modules required in equipment such as pick-and-place machines.

NForcer technology enables horizontally mounted linear motors to generate lift and lateral motion, providing both axes of motion required in pick-and-place machines from one motor. NForcer technology also allows the production of precision levitated platforms with six axes of controlled motion by using linear motors.

Call: 31-40-27-48882; visit: www.apptech.philips.com.

Motion system technology

Automation software

Fanfare’s iTest Team—the latest entry in its iTest suite—allows service providers to perform system testing by executing simultaneous commands to several devices in their network to simulate real-life network testing.

The software also captures and records all testing information and allows testers to recreate and rerun every test, action or command that was entered—even those performed in months before.

In addition, the software provides a communication platform that allows users to share test assets, includes multi-platform support for Windows, Linux and Solaris, uses multi-threading for complex system testing and supports plug-ins for developers using Eclipse.

Call: 650-641-5101; visit: www.fanfaresoftware.com.

LED signaling system

Deposition Sciences has collaborated with Automatic Power to release the light emitting diode (LED) LR Marine Lantern and light signaling system. The company customized a white light reflecting version of the dichroic hybrid spectral metal coating to extend the Marine Lantern’s range to more than 12 miles and up to 17.5 miles in areas of higher transmissivity.

The system uses parabolic mirrors made from spectral metal that is formed to fit an aluminum extrusion. The mirrors are used to steer the output of on-board LEDs into a pattern that maximizes the LED’s collection efficiency.

Call: 707-573-6785; visit: www.depsci.com.

LED signaling system

RFID cabinet

Advanced Research has released Storage+, a radio frequency identification (RFID) cabinet for manufacturing, medical and commercial industries.

The Storage+ cabinet tracks and provides real-time accountability for assets and it also controls consignment equipment and materials. The cabinet knows what items it has inside, what items have been removed and who took them.

The Storage+ is a commercial grade cabinet fitted with RFID antennas and readers for the purpose of auto-identifying all items placed inside. The cabinet’s contents are accessible through the internet and can be set up to send e-mails when items are low or out of stock.

Call: 248-475-4770; visit: www.advresearch.com.

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