Temperature Sensor Housed in Potted Metal

Spectrum Sensors and Controls’ snap-in temperature sensor with a clip design allows the sensor to monitor air temperature within an enclosure. The sensor’s response thermistor element is integrated into a potted metal housing. It can be snapped into a 0.30 in. diameter predrilled hole in sheet metal.

This keeps the sensor off the sheet metal while the plastic molded body—with strain relief—thermally separates the assembly from the environment on the backside. The sensor snaps into 14 to 18 gauge sheet metal and comes with 10 ft. insulated leads.

Call: 814-834-1541; visit: www.atpsensor.com.

Turck Releases Molded M27 Connectors

Turck has released molded M27 connectors. The 26 and 28 pin connectors can be used to provide power and signals to factory automation equipment in the automotive, semiconductor and material handling industries.

The M27 connectors are rated for 150V and 5 amps, and can handle up to 18 AWG (standard method of denoting wire diameter) wires. The Turck line offers male, female, straight and right angle connectors of standard and custom lengths, as well as pigtails or extensions.

Call: 800-544-7769; visit: www.turck.com.

inProcess Captures Steps in Graphic and Text Formats

PMC Solutions’ process mapping software inProcess version 3.2 gives companies a way to map, share and improve processes. The software captures steps in both graphic and text formats, allowing associated documents, URLs, links and audio and video files to be attached directly to the process website.

Additional features include a cost and durations display for each process step, six report templates that allow users to filter, dissect and extract information as needed and customized e-mail templates.

Call: 505-462-3190; visit: www.pmcsolutions.com.

Coating Process Adds Lubricity to Fasteners

The Nycote Nycrest masking process from Nylok coats the root and flank of the thread without coating the crest. This process eliminates material buildup and provides metal-to-metal contact between the thread and collet. The Nycote Nycrest coating offers protection against thread contamination from electrodeposited paints, primers, coatings and adhesion of weld spatter.

The process adds lubricity to fasteners, reduces torque versus tension scatter and achieves known and repeatable clamp load. The Nycote Nycrest coating process can be used in industries such as agricultural, automotive, appliance, electronics, machinery, marine and outdoor power equipment.

Call: 586-786-0100; e-mail: sales@nylok.com.

Artificial Perspiration Mimics the Real Thing

Pickering Laboratories has released a line of artificial perspiration for the environmental, pharmaceutical and biochemical laboratory markets. Perspiration mimics have been used by industries to sweat test products such as textiles, dyes, cosmetics, credit cards, shoe leather, jewelry and fingerprint forensic reagents. Usually, a sweat mimic will vary with time and industry.

Pickering Laboratories has developed a standardized artificial eccrine perspiration solution to make application tests reproducible. The artificial perspiration contains nine minerals, three metabolites and 20 amino acids. All components are normalized to the same proportions found in natural perspiration.

Call: 800-654-3330; visit: www.pickeringlabs.com.

Shakers Designed for Large Scale Applications

Sheldon Manufacturing has expanded its line of incubator shakers to include the large capacity model SI9. The SI9 is designed for large scale applications such as cell aeration, metabolism studies, bacteriology and cell culturing.

The SI9 features an internal capacity of 9.5 cu. ft. and can accommodate up to 19 one liter flasks in a single load. The shaking platform is included with purchase and can be removed without any tools. The shaker speed ranges from 30-400 RPMs. The units are stackable and the door opens vertically. The SI9 is available with or without refrigeration.

Call: 800-322-4897; e-mail: catherines@shell.com.

VeriColor Spectro Measures Color in Real-Time

X-Rite’s VeriColor Spectro instrument for the process controls industry provides color measurements for factory environments. The VeriColor Spectro provides real-time or continuous data and measures colors at a distance of 10 cm from the test surface. It measures the color of products with varied textures and provides an immediate signal when a process makes parts outside of specifications.

The VeriColor Spectro is designed for industries such as printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.

Call: 616-776-3511; e-mail: gryczan@seyferthpr.com.

AccuVision Light Modules Resistant to Damage

The AccuVision internal backlit conveyors from Conveyor Technologies feature a translucent, light-passing belt. The light emitting diode (LED) system penetrates the translucent belt with a uniform light field illuminating the part shape for automatic and manual visual inspection. The LED light modules are resistant to damage from shock or vibration.

The conveyors are available in a variety of belt widths and light field choices to meet the inspection needs of various industries. The LED light modules are available in both white and red light versions for improved compatibility with digital cameras.

Call: 513-248-0663; visit: www.conveyortechltd.com.

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