L.J. Star’s Light Illuminates Sanitary Equipment

The Lumi-View 35 fiber optic light from L.J. Star is an illumination system for sanitary processing equipment. It provides up to 50W of illumination while allowing viewing through the same equipment window. This combination of sight and light glass can be used to view the interior of either new or existing sanitary processing equipment.

The Lumi-View 35 attaches directly to the sight glass, eliminating separate mounting of the light source. The housing is made of 316 stainless steel. An internal transformer allows for a 120 volts power supply; however other voltage supplies are available.

Call: 330-405-3040; visit: www.ljstar.com.

Hazardous Area Vibration Sensors Prevent Explosions

Wilcoxon Research has introduced a line of hazardous area vibration sensors with intrinsic safety (IS) certification. IS certification means the sensors can be used where flammable or explosive materials are present without causing electrical sparks or hot spots strong enough to cause ignition of gases or dusts. Explosion proof devices are designed with an enclosure that can withstand an internal explosion and prevent ignition of the surrounding atmosphere.

Hazardous area uses include oil and gas applications; chemical, paint and plastic plants; pharmaceutical manufacturing; steel processing; mining, food and beverage processing; tire and rubber plants; and aircraft and shipboard monitoring.

Call: 800-945-2696; visit: www.wilcoxon.com.

Digimar 817 CLM Offers Measuring Options

Mahr Federal’s Digimar 817 CLM height measuring instrument features a quick mode and two speed keys. The quick mode feature allows the measurement cycle to be initiated by pushing the carriage in the direction of the object being measured. The two speed keys on the base allow the operator to move the measuring carriage to the desired position and begin a measurement.

The Digimar 817 CLM also features an air bearing system, optical incremental system, dynamic probing system and stainless steel guide column with ball bearings tracking the measuring head.

Call: 800-333-4243; visit: www.mahr.com.

KNF Clean Room Products Releases Packaging Line

KNF Clean Room Products has released a line of Ultraclean Film packaging. Its Kenylon brand of nylon products is for clean packaging applications, specifically for products with sharp or protruding parts. Kenylon’s brand of film products is heat resistant, moisture permeable and puncture resistant.

The Ultraclean Film packaging lines are best suited for aerospace, semiconductor and chemical product packaging. Nylon is best suited for pharmaceutical applications because it is autoclavable.

Call: 800-777-2532; e-mail: sales@knfcorporation.com.

PTFE Coupling Added To Fluor-O-Flo System

Micromold has added a cam lock, quick connect, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coupling to its line of Fluor-O-Flo threaded piping system components. The coupling is designed for applications using corrosive liquid flow in such industries as chemicals, water treatment plants and pharmaceuticals.

The coupling provides an attachment point for components that must be periodically removed or replaced. They are available in pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" to 4" with male and female national pipe taper thread connection options. The cam locking levers are stainless steel and replaceable.

Call: 914-969-2850; visit: www.micromold.com.

Data Loggers Monitor Temperature and Humidity

The TandD model TR-71W and TR-72W thermo recorders are data loggers incorporating an integrated ethernet and local area network interface for monitoring both temperature and humidity. These capabilities allow for collection of recorded data and monitoring of current conditions. The TR-71W can send warning e-mails and text messages to cell phones.

The TR-71W is a temperature data logger with a range of -40° C to 110° C with optional sensors available with a range from -60° C to 155° C. The TR-72W is a temperature and humidity data logger with a range of 0° C to 50° C and 10% to 95% relative humidity.

Call: 518-669-9227; e-mail: inquiries@tandd.com.

Dashboard Software Displays and Tracks Data

May International, through a partnership with iDashboards, has created Management Dashboards, a software package specifically designed for use with QuickBooks and other databases used by smaller manufacturing companies. The software can be customized so that information is accessible by authorized users with an internet connection.

Management Dashboards can display and track key performance indicators and data, including work-in-progress status, production schedules, incoming orders, shipping status and production backlog. The software can also be used to track departments such as sales, HR and customer service.

Call: 847-993-5443; e-mail: info@gsmdashboards.com.

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