Oils Provide Lubrication For Air Compressors

Shell Lubricants has released a line of air compressor oils. The first, Shell Corena AP, is intended for the lubrication of industrial reciprocating air compressors, in particular those with up to and above air discharge temperatures of 220 °C with continuous high delivery pressures. The second, Shell Corena AS, provides lubrication under severe conditions to oil-flooded single- and two-stage compressors, especially those operating with output pressures of greater than 20 bar and with air discharge temperatures greater than 100 °C.

Finally, Shell Corena S is suitable for the lubrication of rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors operating with lower discharge temperatures.

Call: 973-316-1665; visit: www.shell.com/us/lubricants.

Heidenhain Releases Inductive Rotary Encoders

The Rlx 400 series inductive rotary encoders with bearings, from Heidenhain, are available in both single and multi-turn versions. The Rlx 400 series enables users to attain a 16-bit, single-turn resolution with a measuring step of 20 angular seconds for speed control, and an accuracy of ±480” for positioning.

The mechanical dimensions of the Rlx 400 series inductive encoders with a solid shaft are identical to those of Heidenhain’s optical encoders. Samples are available with EnDat 2.1 interfaces.

Call: 800-233-0388; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com.

Software Designed For Pharmaceutical And Biotech Companies

MasterControl has designed four software packages for pharmaceutical and biotech companies: MasterControl GCPDocs JumpStart, MasterControl Projects, MasterControl Customer Complaint Pharma and Master-Control CAPA Pharma.

MasterControl GCPDocs JumpStart collects, organizes and reviews documents required to meet the Food and Drug Administration Good Clinical Practice requirements. Its configuration provides pharmaceutical and biotech an electronic document management system based on regulatory requirements and industry best practices. MasterControl Projects automates task assignment, routing, escalation and tracking.

MasterControl Customer Complaint Pharma automates complaint handling, integrates it with the quality system and manages resolution. Data is available to quality and regulatory specialists and development engineers for evaluation. Lastly, MasterControl CAPA Pharma is designed to automate and manage the corrective and preventative action process and integrate it with other quality processes.

Call: 800-825-9117; e-mail: jclegg@mastercontrol.com.

Turbo Meter Suspended On Jewel Bearings

Davis Instruments’ Turbo Meter supplies air velocity measurements in ventilation shafts, air conditioning conduits, air ducts and chimney flues. It can also be used in applications such as welding, crane and high rise operations, spray applications, odor control and mining.

The turbine is suspended on sapphire jewel bearings, and its rotation is sensed by an infrared light beam. The Turbo Meter features an LED display that is visible in dark conditions. Its switch offers selections between four scales: feet per minute, meters per second, miles per hour and knots.

Call: 510-732-9229; e-mail: info@davisnet.com.

Calibration Tool Saves and Recalls Programmed Tasks

Hart Scientific’s 9140 series Field Metrology Wells calibration tool is designed to perform and function between -25 °C to 661 °C. The 9140 series process option has a built-in reference thermometer readout that accepts references probes with 6-pin DIN connectors storing probe characterization. The reference readout offers a second channel that measures resistance, voltage or 4-20 mA current.

Each unit features an LCD display and menu driven interface. The 9140 series offers a dedicated temperature set point and °C/°F buttons. Preprogrammed tasks and temperature points can be saved and recalled for route calibrations.

Call: 801-763-1600; visit: www.hartscientific.com.

RheoSense’s Vroc Is Suitable For Chemists and Engineers

The Vroc from RheoSense is a flow-thru viscometer and rheometer on a chip. Its multiple sensors and micro fluidic interfaces measure true viscosity pressure, flow rate and temperature.

The Vroc is suitable for chemists and engineers involved in research and development and quality control of complex liquids that are tested either in the lab or in real-time at the reactor.

The Vroc units produce accurate liquid characterization in situations such as high shear rates. It is ideal for petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Call: 925-866-3801; visit: www. rheosense.com.

Software Built for Medical Device Manufacturers

IBS’s web based software, CompliantPro, helps medical device manufacturers build and maintain safe and effective devices and comply with Food and Drug Administration quality system regulation requirements, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971. CompliantPro stores documentation so manufacturers can adhere to industry guidelines throughout design, development and production phases.

The software includes capabilities for tracking customer complaints, assessing risks, managing employee training and performing corrective action. Users can access documentation at any stage using CompliantPro’s search capabilities.

Call: 781-862-9002; visit: www.ibs-us.com.

Ergo-Mate Allows for Safe Dispensing of Samples

Biohit has introduced the Ergo-Mate, an ergonomic pipetting system designed to aid in compliance with ISO 8655. ISO 8655 recommends touching off samples on the wall of the receiving vessels when pipetting. The Ergo-Mate removes the need to hold the plate at any angle and allows for safe dispensing.

The Ergo-Mate, when reversed, creates an aerosol barrier for use in hoods or on benchtop surfaces. It is ideal for transporting plates and can be reversed for flat surface pipetting or as an incubation station with a lid.

Call: 800-922-0784; e-mail: pipet@biohit.com.

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