PD 1473 Offers Retracting Springs, Automatic Adjusters

Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction has introduced the model PD 1473, a hydraulically actuated, single-opposed piston, caliper disc brake for applications such as underground shuttle vehicles, log skidders, industrial slicing machines and other industrial equipment. The PD 1473 produces medium torque ranges and requires the caliper and disc to be on fixed mountings.

The PD 1473 is available with retracting springs and automatic adjusters for high speed applications. It is also available in both a standard and auto adjust model.

Call: 812-334-8727; visit: www.carlislebrake.com.

Electroswitch Releases Cam-Action Rotary Switches

Electroswitch’s Cam-Action rotary switches are used in industrial applications including ventilation, cranes, generators and motors, and in other industries such as communications and medicine. They provide continuous ratings ranging from 20 to 800 amps at 120 to 600 volts and various horsepower ratings.

The cam switches feature up to 12 positions, up to 24 poles and double-break silver alloy contacts. They are enclosed in thermoset plastic housing. They are available in a variety of mounts, such as base, door, waterproof, single hole, two hole or four hole configurations.

Call: 781-335-5200; e-mail: info@electroswitch.com.

Gauge Feature Restores Factory Settings

The AccuGauge AG200 digital pressure gauge from American Sensor Technologies displays each of the following measuring units: pounds per square inch, bar, kg/cm, inches, H2O and Hg. It also offers the option of viewing the 4-20mA output signal on the LCD display.

Users can evaluate the loop current to ensure the system is set up correctly and adjust the current in 2 milliamp increments by using the test button.

By selecting a pressure reference, the AG200’s factory set calibration points and output can be reset or adjusted. The factory settings can be restored at any time. The AG200 can be used in applications such as process controls, test stands and data loggers.

E-mail: info@astsensors.com; visit: www.astsensors.com.

Micro-Mill II Pulverizes Small Samples

The Micro-Mill II sample grinder from Bel-Art Products is designed for high speed milling of small samples from 20-50ml. The 150W motor drives a stainless blade that pulverizes materials such as bone, chemicals, frozen tissue, minerals and pharmaceuticals. Softer samples like wood can be processed by adding dry ice.

The driving chamber assembly is removable, allowing for complete sample recovery and cleaning. Additional accessory chambers are available to further reduce cross contamination. For users pulverizing very hard material, a stellite faced hardened blade is available.

Call: 973-694-0500; visit: www.belart.com.

MX Series Features Three Bearing Options

Tolomatic has released the MX rodless band cylinder series featuring three different bearing options available in a family of modular cylinder bodies for lean manufacturing. The profiled bearing design reduces friction and the solid bearing design reduces stress concentration by 59%. The internal bearing design is permanently lubricated and suited for vertical applications.

The MX series also offers stainless steel bands that withstand the effects of the pressure spikes that are created during high velocity cushion impact. The MX series is available in imperial and metric versions.

Call: 800-328-2174; visit: www.tolomatic.com

Romer Adds Laser Probe to Portable Inspection System

Romer has added the ScanShark V5 laser probe to its portable inspection and reverse engineering metrology system. The ScanShark V5 offers 458,000 points per second of scanning speed. It also features point-to-point resolution of 12 microns and a 140mm wide laser stripe. The V5 can scan reflective surfaces and varying colors when no surface preparation has been applied.

Romer’s ScanShark system includes the V5 laser scanning probe, software, a laptop or desktop computer and a seven-axis Infinite portable coordinate measuring machine.

Call: 800-218-7125; visit: http://us.romer.com.

Renishaw’s XL-80 System Is Backward Compatible

Renishaw’s XL-80 system, a laser interferometer, offers a faster slew rate and a higher dynamic capture rate. The XL-80 is backward compatible with optics from Renishaw’s ML10 laser system, which enables current users to upgrade to the XL-80 while retaining their investment in optics, procedures and staff training.

The XL-80 is used for calibration, error mapping and compensation for industry tools like laboratory equipment, semiconductor processing machinery and radiosurgery tools. It also coordinates measuring machines, lithography equipment, advanced machine tools, robots and assembly systems.

Call: 847-286-9953; visit: www.renishaw.com.

Software Aids in EH&S And Crisis Management

ESS’s Essential Performance Manager software helps organizations measure and communicate how their environmental, health and safety (EH&S) and crisis management programs are operating so decision makers can manage the business effectively. The software provides a data collection framework with reporting and analytic tools for tracking key performance indicators (KPI), incident data and other metrics.

Users of the Essential Performance Manager can create and manage KPIs using air, water, waste, emergency, compliance or tasking data. The software also includes a browser based interface.

Call: 800-289-6116; visit: www.ess-home.com.

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