Controller Adjusts for Joint Designs and Part Variations

Stanley Assembly Technologies’ Kappa controller is designed to optimize direct current electric threaded fastening for error proofing. The controller measures torque and compares it to quality limits. Its features include a data display with softkey navigation and embedded toolbox software, which runs on a web browser and enables analysis of tightening results fed directly from the controller.

The Kappa automatically adjusts for different joint designs and part variations during each tightening cycle. It counts fastened bolts while detecting cross threads, rehits and slip-offs.

Call: 440-229-9573; e-mail: jjerdonek@stanleyworks.com.

Chrome Core 13-XP Extends Component Shelf Life

Carpenter Technology has introduced Chrome Core 13-XP, a ferritic 13% chromium alloy developed for use in fuel injection components and other electro-
mechanical devices in which corrosion resistance must be better than that of pure iron, low carbon steel and silicon iron alloys.

Applications for Chrome Core 13-XP include components requiring some degree of corrosion resistance, either in service or for extending shelf life, without the need of protective coatings. Chrome Core 13-XP also can be considered for applications requiring a ferritic stainless steel with improved corrosion resistance.

Call: 800-654-6543; visit: www.cartech.com.

Hyperspec Sensors Available For Medical Imaging

Headwall Photonics Hyperspec’s sensors use hyperspectral imaging to provide spectral sensing and chemical imaging for applications such as process monitoring, movement across product conveyor lines and noninvasive medical imaging.

The Hyperspec-VNIR and Hyperspec-NIR generate aberration corrected images characterized by 1-2 nanometer spectral and spatial resolution. These sensors are designed and engineered for application specific performance and include detectors and electronics that have been integrated, aligned and tested for specific spectral regions and spatial resolution.

Call: 978-353-4003; visit: www.headwallphotonics.com.

Vgage’s VE-820 Converts Results to Electrical Signals

Vgage’s VE-820 microprocessor unit provides gage monitoring and display, raw data collection and storage, measurement analysis, statistical control computations and charting generation. The VE-820 works with measurement mechanisms, including most digital touch probes, air gages and inspection equipment. It converts results to electrical signals.

The VE-820 displays gage measurements in real-time with an LCD screen. The displayed data can be presented as both a graphic image and tabled columns with digital values. The unit also features a selection of statistical process control charting display options.

Call: 248-589-7455; e-mail: szykula@ksthip.com.

LR Mate 200iC Can Be Used For High Speed Parts

Fanuc Robotics America has introduced its six-axis, light and compact LR Mate 200iC robot. The robot is designed to meet the needs of the metals, plastics, packaged and consumer goods, food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices industries.

The LR Mate 200iC can be used for high speed parts handling, machine tending, assembly and material removal. The robot can be mounted in a variety of positions including floor, tabletop and inside machines, on an angle or inverted.

Call: 248-377-7570; e-mail: cathy.powell@fanucrobotics.com.

Dimensional Planner Added Metrology Applications

Origin International has added Dimensional Planner to the suite of CheckMate dimensional metrology applications. Dimensional Planner enables manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and consumer packaged goods to balloon all their print requirements and communicate those requirements more effectively within their supply chains.

Dimensional Planner gives each feature the ability to add nominal size and location as well as tolerance information directly to the label. Clarifications and revisions can be made directly onto the part model, keeping all the dimensional requirements in one electronic package throughout the product development and certification process.

Call: 800-269-2509; e-mail: jo-ann.beals@origin.com.

Thrust Bearings Feature Steel Balls and Washers

Torque Transmission has announced a line of micro thrust bearings available in carbon and stainless steel. The thrust bearings are designed to incorporate the combination of molded nylon retainer with hardened grade steel balls and washers.

The self-lubricating property of nylon, combined with the hardened steel, helps to reduce friction between the balls. The microfinish thrust wafers reduce noise and increase durability. Hardened steel balls are grade 100 tolerance and a 10 micro finish.

Call: 800-554-6642; visit: www.torquetrans.com.

FX-i Series Offers Variety Of Connectivity Choices

A&D Weighing has released a more compact precision balance with the FX-i series. The series offers various connectivity choices such as the standard RS-232C, the optional USB port or the optional Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software. The statistical calculation function provides statistical data display or output of weighed samples.

The FX-i series is also capable of measuring in 12 different weighing units and providing percentage and counting functions. Six models are available.

Call: 800-726-7099; visit: www.andweighing.com.

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