10 Quality Basics

Abstract:In an overview designed to give quality newcomers a glimpse of the knowledge they need to succeed, ten regular Quality Progress contributors write on 10 basic quality topics that are fundamentals essential to surviving in a quality role. Topics covered include principles and methods, measurement, tools, statistics, standards, vision and strategy, process management and process improvement, the economic case for quality, teamwork and empowerment, and leadership. In an addendum article, the Department of Energy’s Joseph D. Conklin provides a list of his own choices for building a basic quality …

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Great article, this give a excellent overview of the Quality World and tools we can used in our work or daily life.

--LeeTing, 06-11-2014

I am just beginning my journey in the world of quality management. Our teacher sent us the reference and I found it very inspiring. Reading the condensed knowledge each of the participants contributed and understanding their relevance in the field, makes me want to continue learning about the subject and maybe someday, being able to also let others know what I have learned.
--Thor Nissen, 09-05-2013

--James Galbraith, 05-01-2012

Thanks for refreshing the basics.
--Srilal Perera, 11-25-2011

This is a very good article. We shall use this as recommended reading in our quality trainings. More power to the authors and Quality Progress.
--BUDS M. FERNANDO, 07-12-2011

It gives relevant information about Quality Management and nomenclature of various measuring tools. One of the good write-ups and presentations by ASQ. Keep it up ASQ!
--GANESAN SINGARAM, 11-01-2010

Excellent article. Covers the basic tenets of quality management and leadership to improve/sustain organizational quality.
--Trevor Viljoen, 07-14-2010

Basic, but covers all the important things. Excellent!
--Diana Leung, 05-31-2010

Very good overview for the quality professional.
--Mark A. Johnson, 01-26-2010

This stuff is outstanding... and it's very useful.
--Dayakar Reddy, 12-28-2009

Excellent article. It is in line with Lean methodologies, which will help the organisations avoid waste and maximise the profit.
--K.Sathya Narayanan, 09-24-2009

Just excellent!
--Juan Carlos Jimenez, 08-27-2009

The article was very good. It drove home the basics, which sometimes is lost in today's fast-paced world. READ IT!!!!!
--Scott Loveland, 05-27-2009

Good, interesting and excellent articles. For me, it is highly recommendable to read and put into practice every day for continuous improvement.
--Daniel M. Laja, 01-27-2009

I am very happy with this article-simple and easy. Dr M.Abed
--mahfoud, 01-13-2009

Thanks. Always is a good idea to review the basics as a solid foundation of our work.
V. Cordoba. Madrid
--Cordoba, 01-12-2009

Excellent, simple and sweet! Help strengthen our basics.
Thanks for the information.
--Madambath Devidasan, 01-10-2009

I enjoyed studying the article, particularly the section of vision and strategy. Excellent.
--valmohammadi, 01-09-2009

Many of the quality issues get excellently linked up. Process Improvements tools like six sigma, lean are covered under the Measurement Analysis Improvement section 8.0 of ISO 9001:2000. It gets clear that ISO 9001 forms the back bone of an organization on the improvement path.
--KN Murli, 01-09-2009

Excellent article.
I particularly admire "That learning truly begins when we have a solid understanding of the basics."
In my long experience, I truly trusted the above statement, without which any knowledge may be superficial.

--Dr.P.L.Narasimhan, 10-31-2008

enjoyed the artical Economic CAse For Quality, today's economic climate has pressure on every organization across the country, Quality Practioners need to keep this meassage in front of them when speaking of strategy and deployment of opportunities they can address.
--Steven W. Willis, 08-09-2008

I wish more management teams would learn and apply these principles. The only big item missing from the article is the "Elimination of Waste, Muda".
I am on the Board of Examiners for the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Operations.
--Steve Brunson, 05-12-2008

good article.
--Sandy Whitaker, 04-03-2008

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