SEMTest Assesses Semiconductors, Modules

Intepro Systems has introduced SEMTest, a configurable stress screening system able to perform accelerated lifetime testing of power semiconductors and modules.

SEMTest is ideal for manufacturers of power semiconductors who want to assess commercial off-the-shelf devices for use in high reliability applications found in automotive, transportation, aerospace, defense, industrial and medical systems.

Standard systems can be configured in 20 to 1,000 test cells. Each cell features its own local controller to set and monitor. Each cell also provides measurement units for temperature, current, voltage and timing. This makes it possible for characterization and production tests to accelerate failure mechanisms of individual devices and determine functional operating limits.

Call: 714-743-5670; visit: www.inteproate.com.

Maintenance Master Board Schedules Year of Work

Magnatag Visible Systems’ Mainten-ance Master Board displays and schedules a full year of preventative maintenance actions for each machine, vehicle and equipment item in a facility. Managers and employees are alerted to maintenance work for the entire year with color coded magnets.

The Maintenance Master Board comes in three sizes allowing 52 weeks of scheduling for 66, 90 or 180 line items. Each system includes write-on tools and hundreds of multicolored magnets.

An optional visible file aligned with the board holds a two-year daily maintenance history card on each line item.

Call: 800-624-4154; visit: www.magnatag.com.

Tension Controller Provides Precision Measurements

Hardy Instruments’ HI 3300 tension controller incorporates an automatic closed loop process to provide precision measurements. The controller uses either a single or dual sensor input to allow for tension measurements on either web rolls or strand pulleys. The standard output from the HI 3300 is 0-10V/4-20ma, which can be directed to a brake or drive.

Because the actual product tension is being measured, this type of precision control helps eliminate common problems found in web and strand processes including feathering, breakage, telescoping, wrinkling and blocking.

Call: 800-821-5831; visit: www.hardyinstruments.com.

Borescope’s Cable Maintains Position Until Readjusted

Titan Tool Supply has added the ES7-1350 borescope to its product line. The ES7-1350 features a cable length of 1350mm, making it capable of reaching deep into walls, drains, vents and engine blocks. The cable also maintains a fixed position until readjusted. A built-in LED light provides clear viewing in dark locations.

The ES7-1350 is an ideal inspection tool for applications such as aircraft and automotive maintenance, plumbing, electrical, building construction inspection and quality control at manufacturing plants.

Call: 716-873-9998; e-mail: menza@titantoolsupply.com.

3000M Discovers Leaks On Operating Machinery

Kernco’s 3000M ultrasonic leak detector kit discovers leaks by checking machinery while it is operating. Leaks and other vibration sources produce a broadband of ultrasonic noise. Experiments have shown that peak amplitudes for problem areas are around 45KHz. The 3000M will translate the ultrasonic frequencies between 30 and 50KHz into an audible output. Also, the 90° taut-band meter provides visual indication of signal strength.

Two individual probes are included: a contact probe for detecting ultrasonic sound transmitted along the surface of a rigid structure; and an air probe for detecting airborne ultrasonic signals in a 22° angle from its tuned directional cone while ignoring all sonic background frequencies.

Call: 815-852-3375; visit: www.kerncoinstr.com.

SafeCheck 5S Tests Electrical Safety of Tools

Clare Instruments’ SafeCheck 5S is an automatic or manual instrument designed specifically to test the electrical safety of power tools and extension cords. It is ideal for construction, service and rental industries. The SafeCheck 5S walks the operator through the test and provides clear pass/fail indications.

The SafeCheck 5S performs tests like ground bond, short test, leakage, and continuity and polarity of power cords.

Call: 813-886-2775; e-mail: usa@clareinstruments.com.

Vibration Systems Simulate Range of Conditions

Thermotron’s Electrodynamic vibration systems provide a testing environment for transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile and environmental stress screening. Dynamic vibration factors such as displacement, velocity, acceleration and force are controlled to accurately simulate a wide range of conditions that can work to improve quality for products found in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and military markets.

Thermotron manufactures the elements for a turnkey vibration test system including the amplifier, vibration control system, sliptables, head expanders and fixturing.

Call: 616-392-1491; e-mail: info@thermotron.com.

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