Nyplas Coatings Seal Out Water, Moisture, Dust and Air

Nyplas from Nylok is a plastisol material coating that is preapplied under the heads of fasteners, rivetnuts, pop style rivets and double ended flange screws to seal out water, moisture, dust and air. The coating eliminates the leak path under the head and dampens noises and rattles.

Nyplas is reusable and nontoxic, will not shrink or dry out with age and is effective in working temperatures of -40° F to 300° F.

Call: 516-781-0180; visit: www.nylok.com.

Faro’s Scan Arm Hard Probe Adds Seventh Axis

The Faro ScanArm’s hard probe and integrated laser line probe can digitize interchangeably without the user having to remove either component. Users can measure prismatic features with the arm’s hard probe and then laser scan sections requiring larger volumes of data without adding or removing attachments or having to use a separate coordinate measuring machine to import the data.

The ScanArm’s seventh axis has been designed for the integration of the laser line scanning probe. The extra degree allows scanner positioning to obtain the best possible data. The ScanArm is ideal for noncontact measurement applications including inspection, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and 3-D modeling.

Call: 800-736-0234; visit: www.faro.com.

Geomagic Releases Digital Inspection Tool

Geomagic has released the Qualify 9 and the Blade extension. When used in combination they digitally inspect rotors, stators, impellers and internal blade features in the turbomachinery industry.

The Blade extension adds multivane analysis for analyzing and reporting on dimensions related to turbine segments, such as minimum opening and minimum distance from blade to blade. The software also simplifies the analysis of complicated geometries found inside a blade for cool or flow purposes.

Call: 919-960-9794; visit: www.geomagic.com.

Blow Thru Sieve Eliminates Double Handling

Russell Finex’s Blow Thru Sieve is designed for use in pneumatic conveying lines. It allows processors to screen and transport material simultaneously while removing oversize contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying.

The sieve eliminates double handling by combining material screening and transport. Good product is allowed to pass through the vibrating mesh screen while oversize material remains on top where it can be removing at the end of a batch.

The Blow Thru Sieve is available with Food and Drug Administration approved materials and surface finishes for food applications.

Call: 704-588-9808; e-mail: sales@russellfinexinc.com.

Fastcam System Uses Up to Four Camera Heads

Photron has introduced the remote, multihead Fastcam MH-4 digital video imaging system. The system allows the use of one to four detachable camera heads, each measuring less than 1.5 in. without the lens and weighing less than 100 grams. The cameras feature 512 x 512 pixel resolution, up to 2,000 frames per second (fps) and up to 10,000 fps at reduced resolution.

The MH-4 has been designed for hostile conditions such as vehicle impact testing because the cameras can be positioned within confined areas such as pedal and footwells, steering columns and safety belts.

Call: 800-585-2129; visit: www.photron.com.

Albion Devices Announces Shop Floor Gaging System

Albion Devices’ Benchmark computer based gaging system is designed for the shop floor. Benchmark’s menulike structure can display up to 12 results both digitally and as analog columns in user definable views on its 6-in. LCD. Operators can switch views to and from control charts for each dimension being measured.

Benchmark includes features such as multiple alternative customizable screens, optional password protection, two optional analog input channels, optional built-in temperature compensation and an adjustable stand.

Call: 858-481-0478; e-mail: paul@albiondevices.com.

Navitar’s NanoVueDetects Critical Defects

The Navitar NanoVue optical system works in deep ultraviolet (DUV) light, allowing detection and characterization of yield critical defects. The NanoVue is suitable for original equipment manufacturers’ product development and integration into DUV instruments requiring higher throughput.

The lens is designed to work with 248 nm DUV infinity corrected microscope objectives to enable optical inspection to under 0.1 micron with a zoom range of 0.75X to 3X. The system is designed for DUV reticle and photomask inspection, thin film measurement, wafer inspection, metrology, failure analysis and process control.

Call: 585-359-4000; visit: www.navitar.com.

Sensor Assemblies React To Tube Temperature

Spectrum Sensors has developed a series of clip-on temperature sensor assemblies. The sensor assemblies are thermally tied to the pipe through a copper clip to ensure contact with the copper tube. The sensor element features an accuracy of +/- 0.2° from 0° C to 70° C and reacts to changes in tube temperature because the sensor housing is held closely to the tube.

The temperature sensor consists of an epoxy coated negative temperature coefficient of resistance thermistor with an internal construction providng moisture resistance by sealing the sensing element from the outside environment.

Call: 814-834-1541; visit: www.atpsensor.com.

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