An Editorial Evolution

Since joining Quality Progress in November, I’ve given a lot of thought to how quality touches everyday life. So much we take for granted can be attributed to the hard work of quality professionals. But do you—and does the industry—get the credit you deserve?

We’re all familiar with what can happen when quality is compromised or absent. Those in the quality industry know all too well how inferior quality can produce serious repercussions—but they also know that for every incident in which quality failed, millions of other errors, mishaps and even injuries were prevented due to their efforts.

Considering the tremendous impact quality has on society, ASQ’s trademarked mission, to Make Good Great—and the need for a publication such as Quality Progress—becomes crystal clear.

Although I’ve only recently come to comprehend the role quality plays in our daily lives—consciously, that is—I find myself scanning headlines, hearing about people’s jobs, and observing real-world scenarios looking for more and better examples of how quality helped to solve difficult problems.

A few headlines have jumped out recently: “Informed Consumers Vital to an Improved Healthcare System,” “Evolving Standards Boost RFID Adoption,” and “AMA Issues Recommendations to Improve the Emergency Care System.” These news stories all have quality related themes at their core. For that reason, you’ll find these articles on ASQ’s website, where we post daily news updates featuring quality related headlines from around the world. (There is regularly updated ASQ related news on the site, too.) Check back often at www.asq.org; then let us know what you think.

Don’t stop there. Your opinions are imperative to the future direction of this magazine. Please e-mail me with your thoughts: editor@asq.org. If you really want to help steer content, consider authoring an article for QP. You’ll also find our writer’s guidelines on the website.

My New Year’s resolution this year—and really, my resolution as QP editor—is to make quality a global priority. A weighty challenge indeed, but one that’s undoubtedly worth pursuing.

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