Torque Sensor Designed To Retrofit Existing System

Sensor Developments has released a torque sensor for use in dynamometer systems. The 01251 series features a digital infrared system that reduces the influence of electrical noise.

The 01251 comes standard with a 1,500 Hz frequency response, 2,000 rpm speed rating and analog output. These sensors are used in flange-to-flange style mounting configurations and can be designed to retrofit into an existing dynamometer system.

Other features include integral coupling interfaces, torque and thrust measurement, and an optical encoder for angle and speed measurement.

Call: 248-391-3000; e-mail: kenw@sendev.com.

Sarbanes-Oxley Software Suitable for One Location Or Global Operations

IBS America’s CompliantPro software has been updated for easier monitoring, assessment and reporting related to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. The new capabilities are available as an add-on option to the existing CompliantPro software.

The expanded version features tools to measure risk in real-world terms, track risk response and documentation, identify the roots of delays or noncompliance and perform required reporting. The system is suitable for one location or global operations. CompliantPro can be accessed from anywhere using a standard web browser.

Call: 617-692-0545; e-mail: vanhook@fleishman.com.

Nikon’s MA 100 Delivers Images at Every Magnification

Nikon Instruments’ MA100 inverted microscope is designed for routine observation and analysis of prepped material and metallurgical samples in the automotive, aerospace, medical device and electronics industries. The MA100 is suitable for inline sample inspection for manufacturing, production and assembly environments that require quality control.

The MA100 delivers images at every magnification and connects to digital cameras and image analysis software.

Call: 800-526-4566; visit: www.nikonusa.com.

ZM 200 Handles Samples Without Cross Contamination

Retsch has released the Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200, featuring a torque motor and cassette principle. The ZM 200 reduces size by impact and shearing effects between the rotor and fixed ring sieve, allowing it to handle samples without cross contamination.

The ZM 200 is suitable for applications in industries such as foods and feeds, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, power coatings, resins and plastics. It includes an automatic vibratory feeder, collection systems for larger quantities and a kit for processing very small quantities.

Call: 267-757-0351; e-mail: info@retsch-us.com.

L.J. Star’s Camera Provides Real-Time Monitoring

The Lumiglas Visulex Ex camera system from L.J. Star provides real-time
control room monitoring of technical processing operations at a range of up to 1,000m. The Visualex is designed to enhance quality control while providing safety in hazardous locations.

Visual process data can be continuously displayed in the control room on a standard monitor or a PC with image processing. The data can be saved for later evaluation. The camera mounts directly onto the process vessel using a standard sightglass fitting with a hinged bracket.

Call: 330-405-3040; e-mail: view@jstar.com.

Endevco’s 2771C Less Susceptible to Noise Pick-Up

The Endevco model 2771C transforms a piezoelectric transducer’s high impedance charge output to a low impedance voltage proportional to the transducer’s charge output. This low impedance signal output is less susceptible to noise pick-up, which is vital for critical measurement applications such as mechanical system health monitoring, modal analysis, flight testing and drop testing.

The 2771C provides a frequency response of 0.4 to 50 kHz and operates within a constant current range of 4 to 20 mA. It is designed to operate over a temperature range of -40° F to 212° F and withstand shock loads up to 100g peak and radiation up to 1.0 MRads.

Call: 949-493-8181; e-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com.

Fluke’s 975 AirMeter Suitable For Indoor Diagnostics

Fluke’s 975 AirMeter, a handheld instrument, is designed for indoor air quality monitoring and testing. The 975 simultaneously measures, logs and displays temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels. It also includes airflow and velocity capability using the optional air velocity probe.

Technicians can use the 975 AirMeter test tool for indoor air quality diagnostic and monitoring tasks, including verifying building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control systems and optimizing HVAC system operation.

Call: 425-446-5671; e-mail: larry.wilson@fluke.com.

Biode’s ViSmart Sealed For Fluid Immersion

Biode has introduced a low shear rate version of its solid state ViSmart viscosity sensor designed to instantaneously measure samples of low- to mid-range viscosity fluids. The sensor provides continuous, real-time, inline viscosity measurements for inline process control systems requiring high resolution and accuracy.

The sensor has no moving parts and is sealed so it can be completely immersed into the process stream, where it is unaffected by vibration or flow conditions.

Call: 207-856-6977; visit: www.biode.com.

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