So Now What?

You’ve got the numbers on paper now. In writing. Actual salary figures showing how you measure up against your peers in the field of quality.

Make a copy or two, schedule a meeting with the boss. Surely this will convince him or her you’ve been underpaid for all the hard work and long hours. Then wait until you see that next paycheck, right?

If only it were that easy.

Sure, we think Quality Progress’ 2006 Salary Survey packs quite a punch. Based on nearly 11,000 responses (almost double the amount of responses we received in 2005), we feel the results are as strong and as reliable as ever.

Of course, this survey is just one piece of the puzzle. So much more goes into negotiating a raise and convincing the higher ups that you, too, should be higher up.

If you think you deserve more, experts will tell you to prepare a few things for that meeting:

Document your accomplishments over the past year and be prepared to show how your contributions have strengthened your team, your department and your organization. Pepper the list with anecdotes and metrics, too, to strengthen your case. Demonstrate how these accomplishments are aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Sniff around HR to get a feel for what’s customary. So much depends on where you’re working, too. Is it a start-up or an established company? Also consider the timing of performance reviews.

Do your homework. For instance, research the numbers from this salary survey and other sources (search the phrase “compensation tools” online) to get a feel for what you’re worth.

The magazine you are holding now can be used as a good starting point for that homework.

One final note: We are very excited to introduce the new editor of Quality Progress, Seiche Sanders. For the past six years, Seiche (pronounced “Saysh”) has been working at Trade Press Publishing Corp. in Glendale, WI, where she served as the editor of a national business-to-business magazine for the cleaning supply industry.

We’re confident her experience and talents will strengthen our magazine and the way we deliver quality related ideas and information to you. Please join us in welcoming her with your ideas and insights.

One more final note, this time from me to Seiche: How ‘bout a raise?


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