True Opportunity Provides Profit Potential

Hagen & Co. has released a dollar based manufacturing performance reporting system, True Opportunity software. True Opportunity calculates the profit potential for an organization’s manufacturing operation for applications such as overall equipment effectiveness, Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. The software prioritizes each opportunity by its financial value, allowing performance improvement teams to focus on projects that will yield the greatest profit.

True Opportunity comes with a dashboard display that graphically highlights production opportunities. It also has drill down capability allowing users to click on a measure or trend for detailed information.

Call: 781-639-4200; e-mail: info@hagenco.com.

The 217Plus Analyzes System Failure Rate

The Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) has released the 217Plus system reliability prediction software tool. The software includes 12 component models that calculate capacitor, connector, diode, inductor, integrated circuit, optoelectronic device, relay, resistor, switch, transformer and transistor failure rates.

The 217Plus also features a failure rate database of nonmodeled components and assemblies based on RIAC’s Nonelectron-ic Parts Reliability Data and Electronic Parts Reliability Data publications. The software addresses the positive or negative impact of system level noncomponent processes on the overall system failure rate through the application of process grade factors.

Call: 877-363-7422; e-mail: inquiry@theriac.org.

Logix 3400IQ Suitable For Chemical Processing

Flowserve’s Logix 3400IQ Foundation Fieldbus digital valve positioner features a user interface board, potentiometer, piezoelectric technology and interoperability for calibration applications. The Logix 3400IQ controls the position of both single and double acting valve actuators with linear or rotary mountings. It is suitable for oil, gas and chemical processing.

The Logix 3400IQ is certified to meet operating standards and is compatible with most distributed control systems including those from Honeywell, Emerson, Invensys, Yokogawa and Rockwell.

Call: 781-335-5200; visit: www.electroswitch.com.

HeatBuster Mirrors Operate Over Angles

Deposition Sciences’ HeatBuster cold mirror product line withstands light levels up to about 200W per square centimeter and temperatures about to 400° C. HeatBuster cold mirrors are designed to operate over a range of angles, and their coatings are suitable for use in fold mirror and light tunnel applications in which a focused light beam is needed to reduce the size of the optics and overall unit.

The cold mirrors can be applied to infrared transparent substrates and opaque materials. HeatBuster coatings reflect visible light without changing color appearance of the source.

Call: 707-573-6785; e-mail: solutions@depsci.com.

DTX-5492 Offers Current Excitation Capability

R.C. Electronics’ DTX-5492 multifunction signal conditioner provides programmable voltage and current excitation capability in a single, 4-channel module. The voltages sources set from 0.01 volts up to 10 volts in 10-millivolt steps and the current sources set from 0.1 milliamperes to 20 milliamperes in 0.1-ampere steps while also maintaining full 24-volt compliance.

The DTX-5492 features a built-in transducer electronic data sheet capability for setup and calibrations. It comes standard with programmable bandpass filtering, automated or manual input bias balance, AC/DC input coupling, on-board National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable calibration and front panel status monitors.

Call: 714-832-4100; e-mail: vivian@rankin-group.com.

Operators Access Real-Time Data With the SM500F

ABB Instrumentation’s SM500F is a four channel field mountable videographic data recorder that allows users localized access to operational data in applications such as cold storage, warehouse monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, and water and wastewater processes. Its sealed enclosure provides protection against water, dirt and dust.

The SM500F displays data in chart, bargraph or digital indicator formats. On-screen historical logs provide access to alarm, totalizer and audit trail data. SM500F operators have access to real-time data through the MS Internet Explorer platform.

Call: 215-674-6580; e-mail: robert.mapleston@us.abb.com.

LDPI Lighting’s 376 Series Receives NSF Certification

LDPI Lighting’s 376 series wet fluorescent light fixtures have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute. The NSF rating sets requirements for cleanability and corrosion resistance for equipment used in food zones.

The 376 series fixtures are designed for areas where harsh conditions exist, such as food and beverage processing facilities, packaging and distribution centers, refrigeration rooms, clean rooms and other places where extra sanitation precautions are needed.

The 376 series features a poured in place polyurethane gasket and latch as well as weatherproof enclosures.

Call: 715-839-9585; visit: www.ldpi-inc.com.

Flat-Free Utility Tires Decrease Downtime

Hickory Hardware’s Flat-Free solid utility tires are designed for industrial and construction equipment, including hand trucks and wheelbarrows. The tires are stronger and last longer than traditional rubber tires resulting in decreased maintenance and downtime.

The outer skin of the Flat-Free tire is formed using a centrifugal casting process providing increased chemical, ultraviolet and abrasion resistance. Flat-Free tires are available in many sizes and assemblies, including castors or as original or replacement equipment.

Call: 800-322-7539; e-mail: brian.robb@hickoryhardware.com.

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