Software Suite Offers Real-Time View of Quality

Instill Quality & Compliance Manage-ment’s web based software suite provides food service companies the ability to collaborate online with their partners on issues such as supplier approval processes, complaints, audits, employee training, product specification management and document control.

The software suite offers a real-time view of enterprisewide quality and compliance. By combining all quality and compliance data in one place, food service companies can access reports to identify trends, overdue actions and other metrics while maintaining scorecards against key performance indicators.

Call: 888-467-8455; visit: www.instill.com.

Siscan Model SC Delivers 8,000 Scans per Second

Siemens Optical Solutions and Metrology Resource have released the Siscan Model SC single point confocal displacement sensor. The sensor delivers 8,000 scans per second with a resolution of 0.1 to 0.4 microns. The Siscan also has a measurement range up to 1.6 mm, high ratio to depth measurement and a large numerical aperture.

Applications for the Siscan include height profiles, distance measurement, hole depth, flatness, waviness, roughness and thickness of transparent layers. The model is designed for industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, metal, glass, optics and paper.

Call: 800-660-2680; visit: www.metrologyresource.com.

Software Assists Life Science Firms Meet Needs

Blue Mountain Quality Resources’ Regulatory Asset Manager software is designed to meet the regulatory and productivity requirements of life science companies. The browser based software allows maintenance, calibration and validation personnel to collaborate.

From asset and event records to inventory and measure data templates, any changes to applications are documented and controlled. Records must pass their appropriate approval processes before they are available for use by others.

Call: 814-234-2417; visit: www.coolblue.com.

Keyence ML-G9300 Makes Its Mark

The Keyence ML-G9300 series CO2 Laser Marker has a resolution of 1 μm, 30 W of power with ±5% stability and a speed of 600 characters per second. This makes it suitable for the electrical, automotive, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

The ML-G uses a folded laser beam in a Z shape, allowing it to mark materials such as stainless steel, resin, glass, rubber and paper. It also can be used for machining purposes such as cutting resin film, boring and wire sheath cutting.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: philm.hq@keyence.com.

Hart 1620A Built to Monitor Environment

Hart Scientific’s 1620A thermo hygrometer is intended for environmental monitoring in calibration and research labs, pharmaceutical and chemical storage areas, and medical industries. The model 1620A accepts inputs from up to two sensors, which can be mounted directly on the unit or used remotely. Each sensor contains its own calibration data to prevent downtime during calibration.

Data collected by the 1620A are sent directly to a PC in real time using the serial port or ethernet. Its on-board memory stores up to 400,000 date and time stamped measurements. Two sensor models are offered.

Call: 425-446-5671; e-mail: pressroom@hartscientific.com.

The Sentinel M24 Links Directly to Factory Floor

The Sentinel M24 leak test instrument from Cincinnati Test Systems provides control for a single station or up to four independent stations. Features include auto calibrating and correcting temperature changes, four inputs and outputs per test for tooling and process functions, and a graphic display. Tooling control functions also are imbedded within the instrument.

The Sentinel M24 links directly to the factory network and other communication through Ethernet, RS232 and RS485. It will send e-mail alerts to personnel and data to PDAs.

Call: 513-367-6699; visit: www.cincinnati-test.com.

Phenolic Molding Protects Switches From the Elements

Electroswitch Military Switches are designed for use in utility, industrial and military industries where electrical systems are needed in harsh environments. They are constructed to withstand impact, vibration, temperature variation and natural events. They feature an enclosed switching mechanism encased in phenolic molding to prevent attacks from dirt, sand and moisture.

The modular design of Electroswitch Military Switches allows customization of position and pole layouts to meet specific requirements. Low current models are available.

Call: 781-335-5200; visit: www.electroswitch.com.

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